ReneGetting a reading with me  is like having a conversation with a dear friend who has your best interests at heart. Advice and guidance comes from a source higher than you or I, and with so much love, compassion & understanding.

You can choose a half an hour telephonic/online reading or an hour reading. The only difference between the 2 is the time and cost.

Sometimes you just need a quick ‘check in’ to make sure you are heading in the right direction and make the right decisions and changes in your life. The half an hour option is perfect for that!

I understand that you are busy, and that you dont always have time for a long relaxed reading, so thats why I offer the half an hour option.

Everyone is encouraged to record their readings so that you can listen to it over and over again whenever you need to. Its amazing how many of my clients comment afterwards about how much they missed, but listening to the reading again fills in all the gaps and reminds them of all the details.

Crossing Overs

Icropped-img_8948.jpg dont offer seperate readings to receive messages from your dearly departed loved ones. If they connect with me during any of my readings, I will pass on their messages of love & guidance. Your loved ones who have passed on, generally always come through, but this cannot be guaranteed. Bringing photo’s or objects that belonged to your loved ones will help me to make a stronger connection to them but its not necessary.

Reading Methods

Readings can be done in any of the following ways:-

  • In person from my home in Pinetown, South Africa (Hour reading only)
  • Via Telephone, Skype, or Whatsapp  (Either half hour or full hour)


I’m blessed with a full diary, so please dont leave it too late before booking your appointment. I would hate to disappoint you. At least 7-10 working days notice is required.


If you would like to book and pay for your appointment, please use either of the following buttons for secure online payments. As soon as I receive your payment, I’ll schedule your appointment.

Half an hour for R350.00 Pay

Full Hour for R500.00 Pay


If you prefer to pay using Zapper, please can the code below and enter the appropriate value (R350 for half an hour, R500 for an hour).


If you are coming to see me in person, you are welcome to pay Cash or Card (card facilities are available)


Please use the Contact me  form to  make a booking and to enquire about rates and availability. You can also email me directly on or whatsapp me on 0738797447

Heart Seperator


I had a mini reading by Rene in December 2016, she was kind and understanding with a truth that bought me to tears  ~Debbie Rene I had a reading with you, first time I ever met you and were so freaking spot on! You told me things that no one could possibly have known … not even me 😀 Lo and behold they happened just as you said they would. You rock  ~Nadia
I have had a mini reading from Rene and what an incredible woman! You have a beautiful gift and to add to that, the most calming, yet bubbly personality. I would highly recommend you any day!  ~Tash Farrell Wheal I have had 2 full reading with Rene and she was not only spot on with so many things, she was also extremely bubbly and warm in delivering her message and gave me just the boost I needed to take a step in the right direction. She also did a few mini readings for me and in one of them encouraged me to make a bold decision to go against everyone and move my boys to a new school, this ended up being the most pivotal movement for us all and I cannot thank her enough for giving me that encouragement and push I needed. Meeting you changed my life and I would recommend you in a heartbeat Rene.   ~Kelly
Rene has done a few short always accurate readings for me before and we chatted last year whilst I was in New Zealand (we were there 4 months only) and she said she sees us travelling to South Africa before the end of the year! So I said well that would be nice but dismissed it as impossible and forgot about it. Literally one week later we decided out of nowhere that we were coming back home! Wow and only afterwards did I remember her words…. goosies!! So accurate 😍 what a special gift Rene, thank you for sharing it with me. You are an earth angel xxx    ~Gaylene Rene’s readings are always delivered from a place of love. Her messages, be they short or more in depth, have always offered me guidance and clarity, and loads of accuracy. What a gift! A remarkable lady who’s giving nature inspires me     ~Heidi