Getting a reading with me  is like having a conversation with a dear friend who has your best interests at heart. Advice and guidance comes from a source higher than you or I, and with so much love, compassion & understanding.

During my readings I do not use Tarot cards or any other ‘tool’. Spirit connects directly with me and they give me the guidance and inspiration that you need. I do not prepare anything ahead of time for your reading. I have very little control of what comes up, but you do! You can prepare questions before your reading, you can ask questions during your reading, and you can lead the reading’s general direction.

I do love all ways of divining, and love learning new divination methods. I also love to teach divination, and am now offering you the option of having a specific Tarot Reading, Charm Cast Reading or a mixture of them all.

I consult with clients all around the globe and this is done as an AUDIO CALL. We can connect via Whatsapp call, Skype or you could call me directly for your consultation. I unfortunately am not “seeing” any clients in person – all consultations are done telephonically.

Everyone is encouraged to record their readings so that you can listen to it over and over again whenever you need to. Its amazing how many of my clients comment afterwards about how much they missed, but listening to the reading again fills in all the gaps and reminds them of all the details.

Crossing Overs

I dont offer separate readings to receive messages from your dearly departed loved ones, but this generally happens in any session. If they connect with me during these sessions, I will pass on their messages of love & guidance. Your loved ones who have passed on are always with you, but a message from them cannot be guaranteed.

You are welcome to send through photo’s of your loved ones about 5 minutes before your appointment time.

Reading Methods

Readings can be done in any of the following ways:-

  • Via direct telephone call, Skype, or Whatsapp  (45 minutes)
  • A pre-recorded reading can be done using various divination methods. You receive a photo of the spread/charmcasting, and a voice note of the reading itself. Full video options will be available soon


I’m blessed with a full diary, so please dont leave it too late before booking your appointment. I would hate to disappoint you. You may have to wait 3 or more weeks for an appointment.

Please send your name to my Whatsapp line to receive information and pricing.


If you are from South Africa, I will supply you with my banking details and you can do a Bank Transfer. If you an International client, please request an online card payment link or PayPal information.

All appointments are confirmed when payment is received. If payment has not been made within 3 days of your appointment, it will be cancelled and reallocated to someone on the waiting list.

If you would like to enquire about my availability, please WhatsApp me on 0738797447.