*Spiritual Life Coach*
*Tarot Reader*
*Reiki Master*
*Metaphysical Teacher*

I’m a natural born Clairaudient & Clairsentient, Psychic Medium, based on the East Coast of South Africa. I’ve been doing professional readings full time since about 2005. I consult with clients all over the world.

I tell everyone that I have the best job, because I get to help people be successful, happy, motivated, and enthusiastic about their lives! And this is often done in an hour (or less).

I specialize in doing detailed readings that provide specific messages from spirit. These messages are directed by your dearly departed loved ones, the Angels, and both of our Spirit Guides. 

My Spirit Guides communicate with me verbally and through impressions, images, nudges, smells, sensations and feelings.

I am also a Spiritual Life Coach. Basically this means that I am able to help my clients uncover their deepest, darkest belief patterns that are holding them back, and then we change those into positive beliefs that will open doors of opportunity and success you never believed possible.

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I love inspiring people and I do this through FREE Tarot Readings on YouTube. Click HERE to view my YouTube Channel

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