IMG_8953One thing I really enjoying doing is teaching… Teaching gives me so much joy and a sense of purpose because I believe in sharing knowledge and understanding.

My courses/workshops are very practical, hands on and fun. My students always leave a course feeling confident in their new found abilities and understandings.

Courses that I currently teach:-

  • Usui Reiki
  • Intuitive Tarot
  • Practical Pendulum
  • Metaphysics
  • Meditation

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Intuitive Tarot Reading

8 In-depth lessons of 3 hours each / Or 4 Full days cards C

Total cost of R2500 and with a maximum of 6 people per class.

The Tarot is a book of life. It contains symbolism and arcane knowledge which acts as a trigger to “open up” a part of our consciousness that we very rarely use; our intuition. Tarot is not read with the conscious mind, but with the subconscious part of the mind that takes precedence when we dream.

We all walk through the Tarot. We may walk The Fool’s journey many times in our lives. Sometimes we get stuck in a certain card and stay there for a lifetime. Our journey is much the same. It is not the journey that is important, but rather what you choose to do on that journey.

What you will learn:-

  • History of the Tarot
  • Ethics of reading the Tarot
  • Meanings & Interpretation of all 78 cards
  • Layouts & Spreads
  • How to conduct a detailed and thorough reading

*** You will need your own Tarot Deck. Please discuss this with me prior to booking ***

Contact me to book your spot or to ask any questions

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The Missing Link

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The Missing Link Course was created and designed by Glynis Brits from Spirit Connection, and is being presented in Durban by myself (Rene).

The name Missing Link was given to Glynis in meditation and communication with her guides, Kevin and Oshvaria. The purpose of the course is to bring together an overall understanding of how Spirit works, and how we can so easily work with our guides and communicate with our loved ones. Everyone is clairvoyant and so it should be – having all been created in the image of our Father/Mother God, Creator of the Universe and everything that lives, moves and breathes within the Universe.

Glynis has been teaching Psychic / Mediumship Development for more than 10 years and has used techniques learned during her Spiritual Path at the Spiritualist Church of South Africa. This knowledge and techniques has been incorporated into The Missing Link Course.

The Missing Link Course extends over 12 weeks and is the pre-cursor to Meditation / Mediumship Development Circles. 

Each course will have a maximum of 4 people. This ensures that each person gets the most out of the course. The course is very practical and filled with many fun and interesting practical exercises, video’s and homework. It is a serious commitment to yourself – and to spirit!

We will meet once a week for 60-90 minutes. You will receive detailed notes and a Certificate upon completion.

Click HERE for more information or to enroll yourself in this course!

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ReikiUsui Reiki Training

Date: TBA

12 In-depth lessons of 3 hours each, once a week

Total cost of R3500 and with a maximum of 6 people per class.

For the first 6 weeks we cover basic metaphysics which ensures you have a solid grounding for your Reiki Practice. Thereafter we start Reiki Level I, II & III. By the end of the 12 weeks you will be confident in your ability to offer a full Reiki treatment.