Some testimonials and gratitude shown to me over the years:-

Intuitive Rene has been wonderful and agreed to assist me with a reading. Intuitive Rene did not only see and share my truth with me, but she gave wonderful guidance. All sound advice and guidance to help me look inward and make my own decisions for my path in life. Intuitive Rene has always been helpful to me and she is a blessing with a super cool gift. I do not feel that she has to share her gifts so generously but she does and that is what makes her even more special.
Thanks so much Intuitive Rene, you rock! x x
May 2017

Thank you SO much for your incredibly assuring message of love, in 3 days it will be 4 years since my dear dad passed away and to finally hear from him through you with such a message of encouragement was more special than I could ever describe. I was literally in a puddle of tears, I knew with everything in me that it was him. ❤ Thank you Rene for your time, your love, your total willingness to share so generously. May you be abundantly blessed in every area of your life. Sending you SO much LOVE ❤

August 2016

Hi Rene. Im so grateful for your readings. As per usual when you did the free reading and my other readings u have been spot on the button. With your guidance life is no longer a mystery. I look forward to the future ahead. Lots of love, light and blessings. 💓💓
August 2016

You know what I love about your readings, you make things feel manageable, doable and survivable. You give guidance and direction that is loving and real. Both times I have spent time with you it feels like I’m flying high. You are a true ray of sunshine and so loving.
August 2016

Hi Rene. You did a reading for me which really spoke to my soul. You encouraged me to be my authentic self and never apologise for who I am. I still listen to it where new ideas and thoughts pop into my head. You are an angel on earth. Thank you for validating me😇
August 2016

Rene… Your reading couldn’t have been more spot on!!!! I am eternally grateful for your reading. It has made so much sense.. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! My heart is so happy 💕
August 2016

Your special gifts continue to touch hearts. Thank you for your wonderful words. As before, you message resonates with my truth. It is always wonderful to hear Spirit sending confirmation through you. Many thanks and blessings to you.
September 2016

 I have had a mini reading from Rene and what an incredible woman! You have a beautiful gift and to add to that, the most calming, yet bubbly personality. I would highly recommend you any day!
November 2016

I have had 2 full reading with Rene and she was not only spot on with so many things, she was also extremely bubbly and warm in delivering her message and gave me just the boost I needed to take a step in the right direction. She also did a few mini readings for me and in one of them encouraged me to make a bold decision to go against everyone and move my boys to a new school, this ended up being the most pivotal movement for us all and I cannot thank her enough for giving me that encouragement and push I needed. Meeting you changed my life and I would recommend you in a heartbeat Rene.
March 2017

Having a reading with Rene is liking sitting across the kitchen table chatting to your best friend ! There are no airs and graces and no pussyfooting around – just straight talk from the heart. She doesn’t always tell us what we want to hear but a few days / weeks down the line the messages all fall into place and as they were delivered with love we can see that they were for our greater good. Blessings to you Rene for using your gift the way you do xx
March 2017

Rene I had a reading with you, first time i ever met you and were so freaking spot on! You told me things that no one could possibly have known … not even me 😀 lo and behold they happened just as you said they would. You rock, my girl!
June 2016

Rene has done a few short always accurate readings for me before and we chatted last year whilst I was in New Zealand (we were there 4 months only) and she said she sees us travelling to South Africa before the end of the year! So I said well that would be nice but dismissed it as impossible and forgot about it. Literally one week later we decided out of nowhere that we were coming back home! Wow and only afterwards did I remember her words…. goosies!! So accurate 😍 what a special gift Rene, thank you for sharing it with me. You are an earth angel xxx
July 2016