Tarot Guidance – 7

7 of Coins




This card shows that a plateau has been reached and a time of reevaluation is needed. It may be that while things have grown and changed, other aspects of your life have not been considered. It is time to pause and assess where your work has been most rewarded and then from there you can make further decisions.


This card shows that nurturing is required, even if this also requires patience. It is a time to evaluate where you are most healthy and tend to where your energy is needed.


This card shows the need to cultivate only those things which give you benefit within the current relationship. You may have to reassess your position – but this can be done from a position of strength when you consider all that you have contributed to build it to what it is today.

Spiritual Awareness and Development

You are urged to consider all that is positive and beneficial in your life and concentrate on nurturing those aspects. While you may consider that life does not always provide what you think you need, it might just be that you already have exactly what you need.

Keywords: Expectations, Deliberation, Cultivation, Re-evaluation, Pause, Growth, Patience, Nurture, Evaluation

Affirmation: Wherever I find decrease, there is space for increase.