Tarot Guidance – 6

The Magician




This card shows organisational skills and the ability to manage your own environment. You must ensure you have all of your resources gathered together and understand the direction to which you must take them. This card shows how you can channel visions into manifestations. It is a card of the skilled businessperson and indicates your will to succeed.


This card shows willpower and a marshalling of your forces towards recovery or better health. It symbolises commitment to the goal or target. You cannot rely on others – your success lies in your own hands at this time.


This card shows a powerful drive within the relationship and a coming together of different aspects to make a single whole. Whilst it may be dramatic, there is a slight warning that communications could be tricky or changeable.

Spiritual Awareness and Development

This is a card of magic, pure and simple! It is when we use our will to make changes in our lives and our life mirrors our inner self perfectly. This is a card of ambition and divine will!

Keywords: Success, Creative, Willpower, Self-confidence, vision, Action, Initiative, Power, Concentration

Affirmation: In the magic of the world and the universe, my self is the most magical machine of all.