Tarot Guidance – 5

3 of Wands




This card indicates investment, practical help and a mentor. It shows the beginning phases of our projects with no sense of how they will work out. This is a positive card showing a takeoff in business or in your career which is likely to bring good rewards. But realise that you’ve already set your path in motion and there isn’t much you can do right now to change things.


This card is urging you to explore further and extend the boundaries of what you know regarding your condition. Events have been set in motion which will have a bearing on your health at a future time.


This card indicates a desire to work with somebody else to achieve a long-term goal. It shows that you will make progress with another person. To some extent you must let events develop – don’t push too hard.

Spiritual Awareness and Development

You have made a mission and an investment in your life based on your true vision. You cannot know where this is going to lead you, but you can be secure in the knowledge that you have done your work to the best of your ability.

Keywords: Building, Cooperation, Partnership, Mentoring, Investor, Assessment, Alert, Assimilation, Foresight, Intuition

Affirmation: I allow my spirit to sail wherever it wishes.