Tarot Guidance – 4

5 of Coins




This card shows a loss of income or a postponement of plans. It could show that you have deferred income in persuit of education or other projects such as charity. It shows a feeling of disassociation from others in your immediate environment and you may also consider asking for assistance rom those who have the resources to grant it.


This card indicates a sense of worry and hardship with regard to your present condition. You should seek assistance or additional information, even if you feel like this would not be helpful. In more simplistic terms, this card shows that you need to come in from the cold and ensure your comfort is your first priority. Take care of yourself!


This card shows a difficult situation which may make or break the relationship. In times of hardship, you have a choice to either work together or apart. While this can be a difficult card, hardships can also bring people closer together.

Spiritual Awareness and Development

You are rejecting mainstream ideas and are starting to feel as if you’ve made a mistake. You are feeling disassociated from society but you need to know that your contribution is far more valuable than you realise right now. Your reward will not be the same as others but it will still come.

Keywords: Outsiders, Loss, Destitution, Loneliness, Unemployment, Material troubles, Ruin, Worry, Rejection

Affirmation: When I look beyond my own needs, I am empowered to make the world richer.