Tarot Guidance – 2

The King of Coins




This indicates being up front in all your deals and taking a firm control over all you survey. Your solid work and perseverance is paying off and you will enjoy success from your long-term endeavours. If you are looking to change careers, you need to be looking into positions of management, leadership that requires much planning.


This card shows that there is strong chance of recovery, even though it’s a card of long-term endurance and patience – it is certainly a positive card regarding matters of the physical body. So don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by your own physical ailments or problems. Your body is strong enough to heal and repair itself.


This card indicates a good solid foundation on which to build a relationship. Your emotional investment is well spent and you will enjoy happiness. The relationship wont necessarily be one of passion and enthusiasm but it will be solid, stable and strong.

Spiritual Awareness and Development

This card expresses the highs and lows of the material world and whilst there are many rewards, we must not allow ourselves to be overtaken by your attachments. Keep a level head and always remain honest and true to yourself.

Keywords: Obviousness, Reliable, Accomplished, Solid, Steady, Security, Calmness

Affirmation: Ruling my own inner kingdom, I am able to draw upon a wealth of experience