Tarot Guidance – 1

The Hermit



This card wants you to know that you don’t need anyone else. You can withdraw from others and find success on your own. It’s ok to seclude yourself and to need privacy in order to achieve the results you want. This is also a card of teaching and sharing your own knowledge with those around you.


You need to take time to contemplate, to go within and to listen to your body. Be aware of how you see your health within your own mind and know that what you envisage for yourself is what you will manifest.


The Hermit wants you to know that its important that you remain true to yourself and that you must walk your own path. Dont feel obligated to be or do anything that others expect of you. Learn to express yourself without forcing your opinions on others. But don’t enter into a relationship just for the sake of it – be true to your own needs, wants and desires.

Spiritual Awareness and Development

This card is telling you that you need solitude, meditation and your own inner understanding. Dont feel like you need to copy anyone else or be like anyone else. The answers and understanding you seek are right inside your soul – be still and listen!

Keywords: Simplicity, Humble, Shy, Solitude, Wisdom, Guidance, Contemplation, Meditation, Deliberation, Study, Patience

Affirmation: I am guided by my own star, far from the voices of others!