Walkthrough of The Urban Tarot

This deck is one I was really excited to order. It looked so modern, so stylish, so funky, and full of fun! I just had to have it. I didn't realise at the time of ordering it that it was a Thoth style deck. But that doesn't matter, I still love it!!! For those of … Continue reading Walkthrough of The Urban Tarot

Walkthrough of the Millennium Thoth Tarot

I've been aware of the Thoth system of Tarot for many years but I've never really taken the time to explore it or get to know it.... until I saw a modern version of the deck and then I just had to explore. For those of you in South Africa, you can purchase it online … Continue reading Walkthrough of the Millennium Thoth Tarot

Unboxing of the Patch Tarot

This updated, groundbreaking Tarot deck by Spirit Science was released in 2018. I received it in March 2019 and have been using the deck since then. I absolutely love it. This groundbreaking deck is an amalgamation of the world’s most prominent Tarot imagery and symbolism, taking into account the relationships between all of the elements, … Continue reading Unboxing of the Patch Tarot