TarotScope 25 Feb 2019

For this week's TarotScopes I'm using the Osho Zen Tarot. This is a very interesting tarot deck with really strong detailed messages which are slightly different from the norm. This week's messages are a little longer than normal and hopefully will give you more clarity to deal with whatever is going on in your world. … Continue reading TarotScope 25 Feb 2019

TarotScope 3 – 9 Sept 2018

This week I'm using the Osho Zen Tarot. This deck has some interesting differences from the standard traditional deck. The images are really vibrant, their meanings are quite clear and their messages are very on point! If you would like to purchase your own deck of these cards, you can click here - PURCHASE YOUR … Continue reading TarotScope 3 – 9 Sept 2018