TarotScope 12-18 March 2018

Interesting cards presenting themselves to us for this week. It looks like we have to face our deepest and darkest truths to find what it is we really seek. Lets have a look:- The Compromise card is not telling us that we need to compromise but that sometimes giving in or adapting ourselves to the needs/wants of others is often an act of compromising our own beliefs and integrity levels and this week we need to be aware of that. Don’t be a door mat to those around you and always be aware of your own truth! Your truth is … Continue reading TarotScope 12-18 March 2018

TarotScope 4 – 10 Dec 2017

    We are officially in the home stretch of 2017 and with this comes this urgency to make sure we’ve done everything we needed to, and have finished off all the things we started so everyone is experiencing a little bit of panic at the moment. The cards this week remind us that we dont need to reinvent the wheel, we dont need to be anything we are not. What we need to do is get a new perspective on who we are, what we’ve done and who we did it with and then just reflect… pause and reflect… … Continue reading TarotScope 4 – 10 Dec 2017

TarotScope 30 Oct – 5 Nov 2017

Things are certainly getting interesting at the moment. Its quite clear that we are all needing to focus our energies, plan our strategies and somehow inbetween all of this, we need to stay focused. But this weeks cards also show that we dont have to panic and worry too much because success and celebration are possible. Ok, so lets explore this a bit more. This week we need to see, recognise and acknowledge that we have achieved a fair amount. This could be with your career, emotions, physical, mental or any aspect of your life. You are urged to see … Continue reading TarotScope 30 Oct – 5 Nov 2017

TarotScope 23-29 Oct 2017

Hard work will pay off if you focus and TRY! We have interesting energies this week. Spirit are saying that its time to push the limits, time to plan, strategise and focus on an end goal. The Seeker of Flames is saying that you must not be careless in your efforts this week. Focus on what you want to achieve, set goals and constantly remind yourself of your objectives. Dont be overconfident but at the same time, dont be lazy either 😉 This is a week of hard work but it will pay off…. The Three of Crystals is confirming … Continue reading TarotScope 23-29 Oct 2017

16-22 Oct 2017 – TarotScope

And here we are – at the beginning of another week. The good news is: you made it through whatever was bugging you, irritating you or just annoying you last week. Now you have the chance for yet another “do over”. How are you going to handle this one? This morning I sat in meditation, clearing my head and aligning myself with spirit and I asked for guidance which I could pass on to everyone who is seeking and I was again drawn to my cards. So I shuffled and drew one card, then I went to draw another and … Continue reading 16-22 Oct 2017 – TarotScope