Live Psychic Readings – TODAY!

Hello friends and welcome to another Fri-YAY!! Today I'm trying something a little different! Usually I have your Pick a Card video recorded and ready for you to view but not today... Today I'd like to invite you to join me for some LIVE psychic readings over on YouTube. I'll be online at 3pm (South … Continue reading Live Psychic Readings – TODAY!

24 May – Pick a Card

Today I am giving you 4 choices to choose from. Each choice is made up of 2 cards from a new Tarot Deck I got in recently - The Everday Witch Tarot. Its fun, whimsical, light hearted, carefree and rather colourful, and I felt that we could all use these qualities in our lives today. … Continue reading 24 May – Pick a Card

17 May – Pick a Card

Today I am giving you 4 choices to choose from the Ascended Masters Oracle cards. Ascended Masters are great spiritual teachers and healers, most of whom lived as humans upon the earth. They're powerful guides who can help you understand your life's purpose, muster the courage to make significant changes, and develop your psychic and … Continue reading 17 May – Pick a Card

Pick-a-Card 25 Jan 2019

Today Iā€™m using the Ascended Masters Oracle deck by Doreen Virtue. This is a deck I've owned for many years and I find the messages clear, concise, gentle and rather encouraging. There's not a lot of waffle, just pure honest guidelines to help live a better life. I hope you get the exact message you … Continue reading Pick-a-Card 25 Jan 2019

TarotScope 3-9 Dec

And we have arrived in our final month of 2018!!! Its been an incredible year with its fair share of ups and downs but one thing I'm grateful for is the growth I've seen in myself, my family and with my clients... Growth is often tough, difficult and painful but once we've experienced it, we … Continue reading TarotScope 3-9 Dec