Reading Give Away


Hi Friends, I need your help!!!

I haven’t done a ‘give-away’ for a while now and I’d really like to reach out to my friends and followers to find someone truly deserving of this gift… I’m all about helping those who really need the help so I need you to help me find this person.

I’m wanting to gift someone who is really extra ordinary, with the gift of a full reading with me! BUT I don’t want it to be just anyone… I’m looking for someone who is always doing favours or good deeds for other people, someone who never thinks about themselves, someone who’s had a run of bad luck and who really doesn’t serve it! If a name has just popped into your head after reading this, that’s the person I want to gift to!!!

So how is this going to work? I want you to really think about your friends, family and generally anyone you know, and if you feel that they are truly deserving of this gift, then please send me an email (link below) giving a motivation as to why you feel your nomination should be selected! You are welcome to send through more than one submission but each one must be on a seperate email.

For your nomination to be considered, I need the following information:-

  • Your name & contact details,
  • Your nominated persons’ details,
  • A reason why they should be selected with as much motivation/explanation as you can give.

Click HERE to send in your entry!


A winner will be chosen on the 20th July 2018! The winner will be chosen by me – with the help and prompt of Spirit. If your submission wins, I will let you know, and together we will let your person know ❤

  1. Only those entries that meet the above requirements will win.
  2. One submission per email only.
  3. The prize is a full, 1 hour Psychic Reading with Intuitive Rene at a date and time that fits in with her diary, and as discussed between her and the chosen winner.
  4. The reading can be in person from her home in Pinetown, or done over the phone, Skype or even via whatsapp voice call (data or call charges for the winner’s account).
  5. The prize must be accepted and booked within 2 months of notification or else it will be forfeited.
  6. The prize is not transferable and cannot be exchanged for Cash!
  7. Competition is open to anyone, anywhere! As long as they have access to a smart phone or telephone for the Reading, and are open to working with me!


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