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PickacardWelcome to my “Pick a Card” page. From time to time I will post a few cards for you to choose from to get a message of love, guidance and inspiration. I will change the deck as well so come back from time to time 😉

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Angel Answers by Doreen Virtue

I’ve randomly selected a few cards from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Answers for our next range of ‘Pick a Card’.

These cards work well if you have a particular question in mind. Focus on your question and then click on a card to reveal guidance you can use.

I’d love to hear your feedback on these so please connect with me on Facebook and let me know how these worked for you.

Love & blessings, Rene

 Angel-Answers-Back  Angel-Answers-Back  Angel-Answers-Back
 Angel-Answers-Back  Angel-Answers-Back  Angel-Answers-Back
 Angel-Answers-Back  Angel-Answers-Back  Angel-Answers-Back


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flower_of_lifeThe Flower of Life:

This pack is really beautiful and is full of the most amazing floral images. Its not the images that grabbed me but rather the messages on the back of the cards. I find the messages to be pure, honest, uplifting and full of love. And lets be honest – we can all do with some of that in our lives ❤


Look at the cards below and then click on the card that really appeals to you

Healing Not what you expect Perfect Flow F Colour


With Love & Gratitude