TarotScope 14-20 Jan 2019

This week I'm using my Dreams of Gaia cards and I'm trying out a new format. I hope this makes it a bit easier for you to read your message and see the cards. Thank you for showing your appreciation of my weekly TarotScopes, it makes my soul so happy to know that you resonate, … Continue reading TarotScope 14-20 Jan 2019

TarotScope 3-9 Dec

And we have arrived in our final month of 2018!!! Its been an incredible year with its fair share of ups and downs but one thing I'm grateful for is the growth I've seen in myself, my family and with my clients... Growth is often tough, difficult and painful but once we've experienced it, we … Continue reading TarotScope 3-9 Dec

TarotScope 26 Nov – 2 Dec 2018

And we're into the last week of November!! {hand over face emoji} Isn't it just crazy??? I am so busy at the moment which makes time seem to fly even faster. Besides for normal life, I'm also in the middle of teaching another Tarot Reading class. I have 6 wonderful ladies, and we are having … Continue reading TarotScope 26 Nov – 2 Dec 2018

TarotScope 19-25 November 2018

Hey hey, its TarotScope day!!! I always get excited when I create these tarotscopes, and I often mind myself thinking about the people who read them - YOU!!!  I wonder if the messages are going to help you through a difficult time.... and then I find myself wishing that you didn't need guidance and help, … Continue reading TarotScope 19-25 November 2018

TarotScope 12-18 November 2018

TarotScope for 12-18 November: this week I'm using my Wild Unknown Tarot deck. Its a fairly complex yet simple deck that allows us to really climb out of our comfort zones when reading with it.