TarotScope 15-21 Jan 2018


Today is the first day back into ‘routine’ for many of us here in South Africa. This week our schools reopen and the holidays are officially over. Its quite interesting that I had the thought about today being our first week of really getting back into routine and when these cards were given to me, I was wondering how they fit in with the clear message I got this morning… But, I had to do what I always do and thats TRUST!!! Trust in spirit because they always know better than us.

So the message for this week is as follows:-

Indigo tells us that right here, right now, everything is in divine order. You have everything you need to create the life you want and desire for yourself. You are perfect, you are whole and you are amazing! You dont need to wait for anything else, the time is right for YOU to get busy with creating your own reality. Dont sit back and let someone else do it for you because then you’ll be dissapointed, upset and miserable. Its time you take control of your own circumstances and your own life and make it the way YOU want it to be. Find true happiness in every moment!

Abundance confirms that if you do this, abundance, happy and success are yours!! Right now spirit are right with you, supporting and nudging you forward. Urging you to be brave, strong and maybe even a little courageous… Spirit are telling you that the only way you can fail is if you put your destiny, your future and your happiness into the hands of others. Be in control, be enthusiastic and get busy and it will all fall into place.

This week is a good one to start new things, to take on new projects, to change habits and so on. It will be easier than you think and you’ll find it all falls into place very easily. Dont give your power away, dont overthink things, just get up and do it and TRUST in spirit!


I’m truly blessed with an amazingly full week this week. I’m so excited!!!  I have a few exciting things up my sleeve for the near future which I cant wait to share with you. Even with my full diary, I’m hoping to find a little bit of time to do some online readings this week so please keep watching my page (https://www.facebook.com/IntuitiveRene) if you’d like to take part.

Have an awesome, amazing and successful week,
Until next time,

TarotScope 8 January 2018


Welcome to 2018!! This is my first TarotScope for 2018 and I decided to use my ‘goto’ Tarot pack which is the Gilded Tarot. The images are so bright and cheerful and just what we need to get 2018 going. I was thrilled with the cards I pulled this morning because they tell such a beautiful, inspiring and wonderful message….

This weeks cards tell us that everything is good in our world! Things are working out exactly as they should and its ok to be positive, enthusiastic and motivated. It’s such a good time to plan and to dream! But dream big! Make those big plans and don’t let self-doubt or judgement get in the way. Good things are coming your way and you deserve it!

But there is a teeny tiny bit of caution… Dont be too quick to overspend or to miscalculate your finances. Make your money work for you and definitely learn how to use it. You are the master of your finances, not the other way around. This is a good time to start new ventures that will bring about positive change to your financial situation but don’t be too foolish and spend unnecessarily.

With love & blessings, until next week…

TarotScope 4 – 10 Dec 2017




We are officially in the home stretch of 2017 and with this comes this urgency to make sure we’ve done everything we needed to, and have finished off all the things we started so everyone is experiencing a little bit of panic at the moment.

The cards this week remind us that we dont need to reinvent the wheel, we dont need to be anything we are not. What we need to do is get a new perspective on who we are, what we’ve done and who we did it with and then just reflect… pause and reflect… And when we do this, we’ll see that actually we’ve done pretty darn well this year! So try not be too hard on yourself… Recognise all that you’ve achieved and stand proud for a minute.

Dont feel as if the walls are closing in on you, and dont feel like you just want to give in… During the pause moment (mentioned above), you will realise that you are not under attack, but actually you are being guided, protected and healed. It is important to spend a few moments daily just being in the present moment, this allows your body, mind & spirit to calm, rejuvinate and bring balance to itself.

So with that said… Here is a gentle, simple and effective meditation that you can do as often as you need to:-

With love and blessings until next week,

TarotScope 27 Nov – 3 Dec 2017


Have you noticed how serious everyone is at the moment? Are you too? This week we are reminded that its important to play, its important to be a little bit child-like. Its important to find joy in all that we do. You are where you are, doing what you’re doing through your own soul’s choices. If things are difficult, hard, uncomfortable it may be because you have no JOY! Try to find some joy in every little thing you do and I can assure you that it wont be long before your whole life will be filled with happiness AND successs.

Its been a long and hard year for most of us and its almost over. Its almost time to rest and rebuild our energy reserves but you have to keep going – we cant stop just yet. There is still a little bit of a way to go. How you ask?? When its so hard… By being a little bit child-like, finding 5 minutes a day to be silly, to have fun, and to laugh. You’ll be amazed at how refreshed and rejuvinated you can feel after 5 minutes of play.

If you really are not a play type of person, then find 5 minutes a day to just be in the moment. Go sit in front of a beautiful scene (beach, mountain, river, garden etc), and just be still. Try not to think, try not to worry, try not to stress, just breathe and be in the moment. Notice all the beauty around you and just be in awe of it all. Notice the little things and enjoy them. This is also being child-like – isn’t it?

Until next week,
With abundant love & blessings,

TarotScope 20-26 Nov 2017


This week we have the opportunity to transmute! Transmute means change/modify/adapt/modify – with intention!!! With focused intent, you can change your reality into anything! If you are focusing on the things going wrong in your life, your intent is exactly there. You need to bring your focus onto the amazing possibilities that are in front of you right now and use your powers of transmutation to bring those possibilities into your reality… The transmutation part is easy… The focusing on the amazing possibilities isn’t so much, which is why you are urged to become even more aware of your thoughts, even more mindful of what you are thinking about, speaking about, focusing on etc and make sure that the words and thoughts equal the reality you want for yourself.

And then the Lovers card this week reminds us how important it is to LOVE! Love self and to love others. And lets not forget that its not only about giving but its also about receiving. I know that we all find it easier to give than to receive. When we give, we are in control, we are aware and there are no surprises but when we receive, we dont always know exactly what is coming our way and we immediately become fearful. Lets not be fearful, lets give and receive love with open arms, clear hearts and with an intent to change the world – one person at a time!

So to bring the two cards together… This week, you need to be aware of your thoughts, words, intentions and beliefs and if they are not on par with the reality you want for yourself right now, change them and you can do this by learning how to give & receive love – UNCONDITIONAL, UNWAIVERING LOVE! Love of self, love of others and love of circumstances and situations. Be awesome, amazing, and happy – you deserve that!!

Until next week, be safe and be happy

Rene xx

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TarotScope 13-19 Nov 2017


First up let me just apologise for not uploading a TarotScope last week. I did it – I prepared it… but for some reason it never actually got uploaded. I have no excuse other than being busy 😉

This week will make up for that because we certainly have interesting energies coming through. This week our faith is being challenged. Our faith in SELF, OTHERS and the UNIVERSE! There are many new energies that will be coming forward for each of us and we are going to trust that it is all part of the bigger picture. Trust that the universe knows what is best for us right now and just go with the flow. Try not be too stubborn and try not resist too much.

Take time to be innocent, and not dwell on the big picture too much. Its time to be child-like and take time out to play and to enjoy every single moment that you have. Childen never over think and one thing they do very well is TRUST… Children never worry about their next meal, if their clothes are clean or anything – they trust that those things are taken care of by the adults and they focus on whatever they are doing at that very minute.

This is the energy you need to carry with you for this week. Whatever you are currently doing, do it well, with fun, happiness and above all else – faith! Trust that everything will work out exactly as it needs to this week and trust that you are exactly where you are meant to, and remember to take time out to have fun and to enjoy the moment you have been blessed with!

Until next week,

Rene xx


TarotScope 30 Oct – 5 Nov 2017


Things are certainly getting interesting at the moment. Its quite clear that we are all needing to focus our energies, plan our strategies and somehow inbetween all of this, we need to stay focused.

But this weeks cards also show that we dont have to panic and worry too much because success and celebration are possible.

Ok, so lets explore this a bit more. This week we need to see, recognise and acknowledge that we have achieved a fair amount. This could be with your career, emotions, physical, mental or any aspect of your life. You are urged to see how much you have accumulated, grown and learnt and be honest with yourself. See the truth and dont be too hard on yoruself.  You also need to understand that holding on too tightly to our ‘stuff’ could actually be the problem. As much as we need to ‘own’ our stuff, we must not let holding onto it dictate our circumstances and reality. You are not defined by your ‘stuff’ and you should not let it have such a control over you. Rather, acknowledge it for what it is, and celebrate your successes but dont become too obsessed and focused on the possessions.

You really need to take 5 minutes each day to recognise your successes and celebrate them. Its time to pat yourself on your pack for all the good that you have achieved. Be proud of your accomplishments and in doing so, you’ll attract more of the same.

Have a good week, be real, have fun and most of all, be happy!!

With love & abundant blessings,

Rene xx

TarotScope 23-29 Oct 2017

Hard work will pay off if you focus and TRY!

We have interesting energies this week. Spirit are saying that its time to push the limits, time to plan, strategise and focus on an end goal.

The Seeker of Flames is saying that you must not be careless in your efforts this week. Focus on what you want to achieve, set goals and constantly remind yourself of your objectives. Dont be overconfident but at the same time, dont be lazy either 😉 This is a week of hard work but it will pay off….

The Three of Crystals is confirming that if you stay focused and work hard, your efforts will be rewarded. Your hard work WILL pay off and you will receive your reward. But, only if you put in the effort. You are not allowed to complain at the end of the week that things didn’t go according to plan if you didn’t pitch up and put the effort in.

I know we are all afraid of failure and this fear often so big that we would rather not try in case we fail. But Spirit are saying that living our lives this way, is actually worse than failure itself. Not trying, not pushing the boundaries and not evolving, growing and learning is the failure. Trying, and eventually succeeding is what life is all about. That is when true growth happens and when we evolve as we were meant to.

With love and blessings for a busy, successful and powerful week. And please remember, if you need some help and guidance on how to live a successful, happy and content life, I’m here to help you. Just contact me for a booking and together we will turn your life around!!

Rene xx


16-22 Oct 2017 – TarotScope

And here we are – at the beginning of another week. The good news is: you made it through whatever was bugging you, irritating you or just annoying you last week.

Now you have the chance for yet another “do over”. How are you going to handle this one?

This morning I sat in meditation, clearing my head and aligning myself with spirit and I asked for guidance which I could pass on to everyone who is seeking and I was again drawn to my cards. So I shuffled and drew one card, then I went to draw another and 2 came out. I then looked and realised the first card was just a summary of these two, so I got the message.

The message from spirit for this week is:-

Spend time on your own thinking, pondering, planning and understanding where you are, who you are, what you want for yourself and how you are going to go about getting it. Take the time to understand how you got to where you are now and what you still want to achieve with your current circumstances. You need a goal, you need a plan, you need some direction and you need to know the expected outcome.

There will be some obstacles along the way but if you are focused, you will find easy solutions to your obstacles. Dont get caught up with the obstacle, just acknowledge it and keep moving forward and before you know it, you will be past/through the obstacle.

This week look out for times when you are facing decisions… Dont be too quick to pick. Take your time to think each option which is available to you and which will suit you better. But know that the options are not always very clear from where you are standing. Investigate each a bit more and you’ll easily see which option is the best for you.

Spirit confirm that if you take this advice, you will get through the next few days with ease, grace and success. Dont be afraid to be a little different, climb out of your box and allow yourself to move forward. Allow yourself to be successful, happy and content.

With love & blessings, until next week

Intuitive Rene