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At different times in life we need different things – I get that! Which is why I’ve created a couple of options for you to choose from. Regardless of which reading you choose, they are all done with the same passion and committment from our side, but you need to choose the option that best suits your needs and requirements.

All my readings start with me getting prepared and “in the zone”. This is done through prayer, meditation, rituals of lighting candles and incense and with the aid of my Double Terminated Quartz Crystal.

Testimonials-1My readings are not about a whole bunch of predictions which may or may not come true. My readings are about helping you to see where you are in life at the moment, where you should be or where you’d like to be, and then coming up with the best way and steps you should take to get to those places. Everyone of us are here on this earth to learn, to experience, to feel and to do certain things. If we dont achieve our objectives in this lifetime then we are failing at life. Nobody deserves to fail…. Me and my guides are here to help you achieve your life purpose, your goals and your dreams!

You have 3 different readings to choose from. The Quick Reading which will allow us to focus on a troubled area of your life or a particular situation that is troubling you. This reading is typically done on the phone, via whatsapp or Facebook Messenger and would generally last half an hour or so.

Then there is the Full Reading. This is the main reading I offer and it typically lasts an hour but I wont suddenly stop a reading when the 60 minutes is up. I always schedule some buffer time between my readings to allow for extra time if its needed. During this reading we look at all areas of your life as well as those of your family members. We will look at the Past (where we’ve been), the Present (where are we currently), and the Future (where we need to be heading). You will leave this reading feel so confident, comfortable and at ease with your life. It is also during this reading that any messages from dearly departed loved ones come through as well. This reading can be done in person (from my home), telephonically, or over Skype. I also do this reading online (whatsapp or messenger) but due to typing constraints, we dont cover as much using these methods.


Quick Psychic Reading

– Do you have a single pressing issue you need help with?
– Are you pondering a big decision?
– Is there just one area of your life that is in a mess?
– Are you looking for confirmation or clarity on something?

Then this is your answer….

We will focus on just that one area of your life you need guidance on, and Spirit will direct you accordingly.

This reading is done via Facebook Messenger at a time that suits the both of us.


Full 1 Hour Reading


word-cloud-angels.pngA one hour long reading with me where I connect with your Spirit Guides, Family and Friends in Spirit to give you the love, support, encouragement and guidance which you need. All readings look at your Past to help you understand where you’ve come from and the lessons you’ve learnt, then we look at your Present to realise the full potential you have currently, and then we look to the Future to ensure you are heading in the right direction to live the life you were meant to live. 

You will get all the answers you’re looking for as well as a plan of action on how to move forward and how to make the most out of your life.

Readings are done in one of the following ways:-
– In person at my home in Pinetown, South Africa
– Via Telephone, Facetime or Skype
– Online through Facebook Messenger or Whatsap