Your 2022 Tarot Card for the year

Hello friends, its that time of the year again when we focus ahead, and get excited about the possibilities the new year will bring. We are going through strange times for sure, but we need to stay focused, grounded, and ready for almost any eventuality. Knowing your Tarot Card of the Year will help! It gives you a basis or foundation lesson/theme for the coming year. It gives you insight into the overall energy you can expect.

In times of trouble, strife, or confusion, knowing my card for the year certainly helps me when I feel overwhelmed or uncertain. All I have to do is to remind myself what my card of the year is, and then I find myself think differently, and responding better. This doesn’t always make our problems go away, but it may help you get through them with less struggle.

2022 = 6 The Lovers (2+0+2+2)

I’ve chosen this card from The Light Seers Tarot to show you the general energy of 2022!

This will be a year to experience soul to soul connections, while building our relationship with our true selves. The choice to allow ourselves to fall in love (either for the first time or all over again).

How to Calculate your Tarot Card for 2022

Add the day and the month you were born to the year 2022. For example: If you were born on the 3rd of April0 + 3 + 0 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 13

If you get a number higher than 22, add those 2 digits together. When you get your first calculation that is 22 or lower, stop as you have found your number.

Lets do another example: Birthdate 23 September. 2+3+9+2+0+2+2=20

Typically the first card in the Tarot is numbered 0, and as zero will never come up in our calculations, this first card has been renumbered to 22.

So once you have your number, you can use the list below to understand the energy the year has in store for you!

Short explanations for the 22 Major Arcana. This is the energy your year has in store for you:-

22 The Fool – A year of new beginnings, new endeavors, and new projects. Excitement and enthusiasm for all you do. Jumping into situations and opportunities without giving it too much thought or planning. Leaping forward with blind faith.

1 The Magician – You will find that you are stronger (mentally and emotionally) than ever before. You have the power and concentration needed to achieve anything you set your mind to. You will be very resourceful and have strong ability to manifest your desires.

2 The High Priestess – You may find that your intuition is heightened this year. Your subconscious mind will be full of inspiration, ideas, and a strong inner knowing. Serendipity will show up at interesting moments in your life. A year to follow your instincts.

3 The Empress – A year of creativity, and the ability to give birth to many new ideas and opportunities. Your heart, mind and soul are fertile and ready to work hard towards your goals. You will also be more compassionate towards the pain and suffering of others without taking their pain on as your own.

4 The Emperor – A year of strength, authority, structure and creating solid foundations. A time to employ strategic and analytical thinking to all that you do without taking into account emotions. Your strong leadership skills will certainly be an asset.

5 The Hierophant – Questioning and gaining deep understanding may be your deepest desires. Recognizing the need and purpose for group work, traditions, conformity and strong belief systems. A time to have faith as you find your own path.

6 The Lovers – A year to experience soul to soul connections, while building your relationship with your true self. The choice to allow yourself to fall in love (for the first time or all over again).

7 The Chariot – Control, willpower, victory, and determination, are your keywords. Learning how to stand up for yourself while harnessing opposing forces and moving them in the same direction, is what you have to look forward to.

8 Strength – A year of digging deep to find your courage and patience. A year to step into your power while always being calm in the face of uncertainty.

9 The Hermit – A year of true soul-searching, introspection, and finding peace with yourself. Realizing the importance of taking time away from the chaos of a busy life.

10 Wheel of Fortune – A time to surrender to what is, and to what will be. A year to live your purpose with nothing standing in your way. A year to understand Karma, Life Cycles, and Destiny.

11 Justice – A year of uncovering truths, fairness and finding balance with your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual self. Honesty and Fairness will always win!

12 The Hanged Man – A year of feeling like you are suspended and stuck. A year to stop fighting and resisting and just letting go. Gaining fresh perspectives will help you to re-align with your heart and purpose.

13 Death & Rebirth – A year of endings, many beginnings, and a whole lot of change and transformation. A time for a reflection of who you are, and all you’ve already achieved or not yet achieved.

14 Temperance – A year of balance and moderation. Finding balance and patience in all aspects of life. The perpetual motion of life.

15 The Devil – A year to face your fears and to deal with any vices you may have. A year where you become aware of any addictions/obsessions you may have to anything or anyone. A year to delve into your shadow self to experience freedom from all vices.

16 The Tower – A year where you may feel the earth move under your feet. A year of major change and big revelations. Also (and most importantly) a year to rebuild. New awareness and perspectives, A shift in your matrix.

17 The Star – A year of hope restored! A year of renewal, and fresh inspiration while building your dream life knowing you are on the right path.

18 The Moon – A year of deep emotions coming to the surface. Facing your fears, and overcoming anxieties and insecurities. Strong moon influences and heightened intuition. Many truths coming out of the shadows.

19 The Sun – An easy fun-filled year full of warm emotions, happiness and success. An easy time to manifesting your dreams.

20 Judgement – A year of rebirth, reinventing yourself and hearing an inner calling. A spiritual awakening is possible if you spend time forgiving self and others for any and all wrongdoings. Knowing that your motives and your heart are true.

21 The World – A year where you will feel, experience, see and enjoy completion in many aspects of your life. You’ll see lots of goals working out and coming to fruition. New levels of consciousness filled with gratitude for all you have and all you’ve done.

Comment below with what card you got and feel free to share with your friends.

May your 2022 be filled with happiness and joy every day!!!

With love and blessings, Rene

3 thoughts on “Your 2022 Tarot Card for the year

  1. Thank you so much darling Rene….. I truly hope 2020will bring you amazing abundance and overwhelming joy….. love & light

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