Holiday Cheer | Charm Readings 🔮

Hello and happy FriYAY!! Today we’re having a bit of fun, as I bring a little bit of holiday cheer into your life. I’ve done some fun Charm Readings for you today with a Holiday/Christmas theme. I created a Casting sheet with 9 areas for us to look into and then I used my charms to ‘sprinkle’ some joy. I tried to keep the readings fun and lighthearted, but Spirit still finds a way of making them relevant and significant. There are three readings for you to choose from and you can use the Tree Decorations to help you choose which reading is for you!

I must apologize because it seems the ELVES got into the INTRO portion of the video and have had some fun stealing a few words from the audio. I’ll get Santa to have a word with them about that!

If you enjoy the readings I create for you, and you’d like to leave me a little token of appreciation, you can use this link to buy me a virtual cup of coffee:-

The Full video…

Pick your Bundle here – 0:00
Christmas Tree #1 – 4:57
Christmas Bell #2 – 18:47
Christmas Stocking #3 – 31:26

I’d love to hear from you so please comment below and let me know if you resonated with your message today.
With love and an abundance of blessings,

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