2022 Year Ahead Reading

I hope you are well and in good health! Gosh, we thought 2020 was a strange and peculiar year and it seems 2021 wasn’t that much different!! One thing is certain, nobody has come through the past few months without experiencing a hiccup or two!

I’ve had so many clients ask if I’ve had any inside information from Spirit with regards to the global events and yes I have… Spirit certainly have a sense of humour and are not always open and willing to give straight forward answers to my questions (heehee), but what keeps coming through is that this is all part of our evolution. Change is necessary and very much needed and without a push and a shove, we may not have embraced it. 

Spirit often refer to what we’re going through right now as rebirth! And they remind me that birth is not without pain – for the mother or the child! But once its over, both mother and child settle quickly and easily, and both of their lives are forever changed – for the better!
I believe the worst is behind us and that we should all be focusing on the future and what’s coming up next! 

This is why I’m so super excited to offer you the 2022 Forecast readings! 

With all the uncertainty, and the ever-changing times we’re in, having an idea of what you can expect or look forward to could be really helpful!!

This is the third consecutive year I’m offering these Forecast Readings, and if last year is anything to go by, they will sell out very quickly! Because of the amount of time it takes me to do them, I can only do a limited quantity of these readings and preference will be given to returning clients. 

I will be recording these readings during November so that you have them before the end of the year which gives you plenty time to absorb the information and to be prepared for 2022!

So what is a Forecast Reading?

Its a detailed reading done for you specifically, and recorded as a private video which gets uploaded to YouTube. It gives you insight, inspiration and guidance for each month of the upcoming year! You will be given a private link to the video which means nobody else will have access to it but you can access it as often as you want or need to.

This video reading will cover the ending energies and lessons of 2021, the overall energy of the year 2022, and then specific information and details for each month of the coming year. The video could be as short as 45 minutes or longer than 90 minutes. It all depends on what spirit need you to know and what comes through for you. 

All this for only R1150 per reading! To book your 2022 Forecast Reading, click on the order button below which will send an email to me. I will then send you a form to complete giving me some basic information. Once I have your form and your payment, I’ll add your reading to the list. Readings will be done in the order they are received.
There is a limited number of readings available so get your order in soonest! 

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