TarotScope for the week ahead

30 Mar – 5 Apr 2020

These TarotScopes will give you an idea of the kind of energies you will be working with for the coming week. Basically the idea is that they equip you with the insight you need so you can make the right choices and decisions in your life, and therefore have the best outcomes during the week. As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed!

Each week you are given information on the week’s energies which is taken from the Tarot (with interpretations from me and my guides), you are also given an Affirmation to work with, and then some Keywords which you can use as reminders during the week.

Scroll down to find your Zodiac sign and your corresponding message of guidance for the coming week. I love hearing from you so feel free to leave a comment down below or on social media.


This week brings you harmony of ideal work-life balance, where there is freedom to enjoy the fruits of your efforts. You will enjoy the benefits of working towards your long-term goals. You will enjoy a good week because of the choices you have or will make. There may be unexpected opportunities which may reveal a new life opportunity for you. All you desire is available to you now. This week you will enjoy harmony of your inner and outer worlds which brings perfect happiness of your soul. There is no time for misery and unhappiness this week. See only the good, and celebrate it.

Affirmation: The joy of the world is limited only by my capacity to surrender to it

Keywords: Glee, Pride, Ecstasy, Happy, Inspire, Joy, Tranquility, Bliss, Peace, Harmony, Family, Contentment, Satiety


You are ready to take on the world this week. You have everything you need, including enthusiasm, courage and determination. What lays before you are reachable, do-able, attainable tasks. Don’t be afraid to participate and certainly don’t hold back any feelings or emotions this week. Shine your light for all to see, be confident and yourself and your abilities. Let everyone know that you are going in and let them watch your success. If any mistakes are made, own them! Dont pass the blame or hide in shame. Stand confident in all your actions and know that even mistakes are worth it in the end.

Affirmation: In-between each breath, the Fire of my soul burns and radiates growing passion

Keywords: Analytical, Focus, Innovation, Brilliance, Reactive, Courage, Extroversion, Daring, Eagerness, Messenger, Satisfaction


Balance is key for you this week. Balance of all things – at the same time! You may find yourself needing to cooperate with others in order to achieve your goals. You may also need to make some compromises. Always remember that the key to success this week is ‘moderation’. Recognise that nothing is complete without opposites – think of the Yin/Yang symbol, two parts that fit perfectly to form a whole. This is the energy of your week. You need both halves, not just one. Think everything through before jumping in. Be very tolerant of others and situations this week and be very cautious about unnecessary spending but try to be creative too.

Affirmation: Every moment has the potential to be changed

Keywords: Catalyst, Prospecting, Discipline, Assessment, Adaptation, Coordination, Self-control, Blending, Compromise, Discretion, Creativity, Moderation


This is a week that could see unexpected opportunities for you. You may find yourself thinking out of the box, and its important to know that you can take a creative leap because the rewards will surprise you. Expect surprising results in all your endeavours. Do what is fun, do something that other would not expect of you and then be confident in the outcome. Make time for those nearest and dearest to you and try to surprise them with your enthusiasm and courage. This is a good week to do something outside of your usual routine.

Affirmation: With every breath in, all the possibilities of creation become more available to me

Keywords: Sophistication, Gentleness, Kindness, Intuition, Inspiration, Artistry, Sensitive, Curiosity, Confidence


This is a week that may have you being and needing accountability. Fairness in all areas will be high priority for you. You may feel like you have no control over outcomes and situations, and this may frustrate you. When you feel this way, make sure you present your case as clearly as possible. You may have a strong need for balance and harmony in your life and with some slight adjustments, you can achieve this. Be completely open and honest in all your dealings so that nothing comes back to bite you later. Try to remain fair and reasonable in all dealings and dont allow your emotions to cloud your thinking. Dont procrastinate on decisions.

Affirmation: There is a reckoning to the world which abides with me at all times

Keywords: Fair play, Reason, Debate, Deliberation, Accuracy, Judgement, Balance, Equilibrium, Harmony, Accountability


Proving yourself by showing off your agility and your responsiveness! That’s the energy around you this week. Be courageous and strong this week and don’t let anyone get in your way. You need to pursue your goals and that may require you to throw yourself into battle and consider the consequences of that later. It may feel like you are burning bridges; but know that success is there for you, even if you’re acting a bit reckless. Just keep your energy tank full so that you can continue making rapid progress and that you can accelerating from a standing start. This week will see you full of stimulation and excitement. Shake off the cobwebs and make rapid changes in your life. Be more impetuous and spontaneous. You will need a bit of courage to face the week ahead but you certainly have the resources to do so. So this week, be brave, courageous, strong, confident, busy, and action orientated. Take firm control of everything that comes your way. And make sure you dont respond too quickly to verbal attacks – ponder those!

Affirmation: Moving swiftly I cut through all hindrance with speed

Keywords: Deft, Responsive, Engaged, Pursuit, Strong, Brave, Courage, Skill, Assertiveness, Stimulation, Clever, Subtle, Self-Assured


This coming week may have you feeling a sense of regret or imagining/thinking about what might have been. Sometimes we get disillusioned with our current circumstances, this is completely normal; but how we respond to this feeling is what truly matters. Recognise the feelings you may be having this week and then make a conscious decision on how you are going to respond to it. You always have options available to you, its never “too late”. Even if you’ve missed many opportunities already, dont ponder or stay in that regret, its time to look for the opportunities that are still there waiting for you to discover them. Dont allow yourself to get caught up in your thoughts, disappointments and concerns, just acknowledge them and then look around for the next possible situation. Dont give in to your circumstances! Dont settle for mediocrity, and dont dwell on any misfortunes you have experienced. Allow any unhappiness to quickly pass you by, dont hold onto anything this week.

Affirmation: Drawing myself together, I will take courage for the journey ahead

Keywords: Fretting, Denial, Guilt, Bitterness, Disillusionment, Regret, Crisis, Loss, Disappointment, Sorrow, Melancholy


This is an interesting week where you see steady progress and gradual gain in all your affairs, as long as you adopt a slow and serious approach. You may be tempted to rush ahead, try not do this if you want to see success. Attention to detail will serve you well this week and make sure you are sticking to long term goals and plans. When dealing with others, you may need to be more patient than usual and you may need to wait for the other person to fully commit to the conversation before you get into fine details. Make sure you are always organised and ready for action, be responsible and clear thinking.

Affirmation: Moving patiently I pan for the gold in every moment of my day

Keywords: Loyalty, Capability, Methodical, Trustworthy, Laborious, Steady progress, Diligence, Duty


You may find yourself giving and taking this week. You have all the resources you need to achieve many great things this week. Don’t hold onto your excess, rather share it with those who truly need it. If you have ideas for the workplace, share them; if you have recommendations or suggestions to improve something – speak up and let everyone know. Giving isn’t always about money or financial matters. If someone offers you assistance in any area, in any regard this week, dont be too quick to turn them down. Life is all about balance and balance comes when one side gives, and the other side takes. Share your excess and you will be rewarded in many wonderful ways.

Affirmation: In giving of myself I receive blessings from above

Keywords: Welfare, Compensation, Return, Resources, Sharing, Charity, Gifts, Gratitude, Assist, Prosperity, Gratification


The focus of your week is Caring for Others! This week your focus will be on the business sense that comes from experience and patience. A good week! You are advised to plan for long-term situations as you realise that good things take time to come to fruition. Not a good week for sudden movements. You need to be creative and practical with your skills and achievements as you apply them to everyday situations. Put the same amount of energy into the small and large situations in your life, nurture and tend to them as if they are the most important thing in your reality right now. Be cautious with your finances this week, and be considerate of those who need your support this week. Be kind hearted and give of your time freely.

Affirmation: Persevering in my own care, I can discover my own capability and resources

Keywords: Nurture, Dependable, Confident, Effective, Creative, Thoughtful, Practical, Abundance, Generous, Intelligent, Charming


You may have a difficult week ahead, one full of conflict, challenge, and competition. There may even be moments of confusion. But don’t despair because you have just been given advanced notice and you have the power to change it. Put extra effort into planning and double check your resources before you need to use them. If an argument or conflict arises, dont participate, just keep quiet until everyone is calm, and then proceed carefully. If you try to defuse or explain yourself you will just fuel the situation even more. So your guidance for the week ahead is to plan everything, even the smallest and simplest activity, and learn how to work with others and not try to push them into doing what you need. Its not all bad – if you plan!

Affirmation: In every confusion there will be a moment for me to bring order

Keywords: Chaos, Obstacles, Competition, Courage, Challenge, Conflict, Disagreement, Litigation


This is a week for planning and aspirations. It is important to have a full model of the real situation in order to set the right goals. It is not a time to reach out but rather a time to assess and conduct appropriate research. You need to take the time to gain a clear picture of the situation you are in, before you respond. You must also always have faith in your own self and in your ability to see what is directly in front of you. You can make judgement based on your own values without needing to consult others because you are focused on the bigger picture and not on the immediate situation. Make sure you consider the consequences of all your actions carefully without being closed to new opportunities. Its a good time to change your methods if you are confident that the new methods hold some positive value for you.

Affirmation: In times of opportunity I am able to see my own vision

Keywords: Planning, Waiting, Opportunity, Collaboration, Faith, Ambition, Initiative, Aspiration, Fortune, Magnificence, Achievement, Courage

So however your week pans out, just know that you are loved, supported and that someone cares! You are not alone and there are many who are rooting for you to be happy and successful in everything you do.
With love and blessings,
From me to you,

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