TarotScope for the week ahead

24 Feb – 1 Mar 2020

These TarotScopes will give you an idea of the kind of energies you will be working with for the coming week. Basically the idea is that they equip you with the insight you need so you can make the right choices and decisions in your life, and therefore have the best outcomes during the week. As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed!

Each week you are given information on the week’s energies which is taken from the Tarot (with interpretations from me and my guides), you are also given an Affirmation to work with, and then some Keywords which you can use as reminders during the week.

Scroll down to find your Zodiac sign and your corresponding message of guidance for the coming week. I love hearing from you so feel free to leave a comment down below or on social media.


This may be a week when you feel like everyone is being overly critical or you’re being overly critical of yourself. Please know that this criticism is undeserved and if you take the time, you’ll see a way through it. You may feel like you have many restrictions in your path, this is perhaps just a test of your abilities to think through to a new solution. Even though you feel trapped, you are being protected and held in a safe space. Be aware of your own inner perceptions and ensure that they really do reflect what is happening in your reality. Dont self-sabotage! When the going gets tough, take a moment to silence your fears, keep to yourself, conserve your energy while you figure out your next move. You can afford to wait, dont feel like you need to fight back or struggle.

Affirmation: Whatever binds me today tells me where I can cut myself free

Keywords: Denial, Trust, Restriction, Inhibition, Oppression, Crisis, Interference, Criticism, Blame, Obstacles


This is a week for planning and aspirations. It is important to have a full model of the real situation in order to set the right goals. It is not a time to reach out but rather a time to assess and conduct appropriate research. You need to take the time to gain a clear picture of the situation you are in, before you respond. You must also always have faith in your own self and in your ability to see what is directly in front of you. You can make judgement based on your own values without needing to consult others because you are focused on the bigger picture and not on the immediate situation. Make sure you consider the consequences of all your actions carefully without being closed to new opportunities. Its a good time to change your methods if you are confident that the new methods hold some positive value for you.

Affirmation: In times of opportunity I am able to see my own vision

Keywords: Planning, Waiting, Opportunity, Collaboration, Faith, Ambition, Initiative, Aspiration, Fortune, Magnificence, Achievement, Courage


This is a good week to get things done. To learn, understand, plan, strategize and DO! Don’t think you know it all because there is always something you can learn that will help you achieve more easier. This is a time when you may learn new skills and have the opportunity to demonstrate them to others. You may even be recognised for your competence. But it is important to understand the plans of others so that you ensure you are positively contributing to the overall vision at all times. Cooperation and teamwork will ensure all expectations are met. So for this week, take 5 minutes to read the instruction manual before diving in, be thoughtful in your actions and dont rely on your gut instinct to figure things out.

Affirmation: I realise my aspirations by making small and definite steps towards the fulfillment of my dreams

Keywords: Loyalty, Ambition, Consolidation, Capability, Recognition, Competence, Status, Synergy, Growth


You may find that you need to climb out of your comfort zone this week and take some risks. You need to also acknowledge that you cannot make progress by playing it safe all the time. You have freedom of choice and a leap of faith is needed right now. There are abundant possibilities open to you but walk with a lack of expectations if you want significant progress to be made. Even if you feel like you are on the edge, know that there are plenty choices available to you right now. This is both the beginning and the end of your journey and that in itself is your journey this week. Dont be ruthless, and dont react in a suspicious way for no reason. Do not procrastinate too much. You know what to do, so do it! Be yourself, be happy and be true!

Affirmation: In laughter and learning I find there is nothing more to do

Keywords: Choice, Possibility, Innocence, Freedom, Potential, Opportunity, Wonder, Lightness, Trust, Spontaneity, Risk, Impulsiveness


This week you may find yourself refusing to accept assistance from others even when you actually need their help. Your resources are exhausted and because of this, you may be missing or ignoring good opportunities. Notice all that is offered to you this week and take what is being given to you. You are suffering from apathy and boredom which is leading you towards physical discontent – its time to shake yourself up and accept the assistance being offered. This will require you to move out of your comfort zone! Try to express more enthusiasm and to share your feelings with those around you. Trying saying YES to everyone and every opportunity that comes your way.

Affirmation: I turn my head to find hidden opportunities when I least expect them

Keywords: Defensive, Distracted, Boredom, Discontent, Apathy, Doubt, Hesitation, Introspection, Self-Absorption, Dissatisfied


There will be a need to assertiveness in a considered manner this week. This is not a week to overreact or be passive; you need to find the right position so that no effort is required. Don’t waste energy fighting your current situation, but respond in a measured and calm way. You must find the perfect balance which you have the capacity to do this week. Pay attention to the needs of others but dont let their needs be your driving force. You might even need to be firm with others to prevent them taking over. Stay mindful of your goals this week, be patient and resilient as you get closer to achieving them.

Affirmation: Like a rope is made up of small threads, the delicate can be strong when bound to one purpose

Keywords: Resolve, Dignity, Perseverance, Action, Harmony, Inner Strength, Assertive, Faith, Courage, Will, Patience


Be the one who listens and understands this week. Be considerate of others and try to hold onto good faith. Be careful not to upset the apple cart, even if you feel at a disadvantage, it is important not to get emotionally drawn into any situation. Rather hold onto whatever you have, there will be other days for sharing. You have the ability to tap into the deep well of the emotional realm in order to gain wisdom, and you need to reconnect to this part of yourself to gain the insight you need right now. You cannot just think things through. Allow your intuitions (not your emotions) to guide you this week.

Affirmation: Persevering in my own depths, I can discover my true heart

Keywords: Affection, Poetic, Gentle, Good Natured, Divination, Prophecy, Heart, Melodramatic, Generous, Empathy



Sometimes in life you just need to let go, to just stop whatever you are doing because its just not working for you anymore! There is no exit strategy except to just exit. Do whatever you can to avoid confusion and anxiety, by making a clean break where necessary. It doesn’t matter what you are involved with this week, dont procrastinate or put anything off. Rip the bandage off immediately and you’ll have the best chance of healing. In everything you do – say what you mean and be clear in your communications and actions!

Affirmation: In every decision I will let go of what is not to be

Keywords: Disappointment, Quarrel, Turbulence, Disharmony, Worries, Overloading, Distraction, Confusion


Balance is key for you this week. Balance of all things – at the same time! You may find yourself needing to cooperate with others in order to achieve your goals. You may also need to make some compromises. Always remember that the key to success this week is ‘moderation’. Recognise that nothing is complete without opposites – think of the Yin/Yang symbol, two parts that fit perfectly to form a whole. This is the energy of your week. You need both halves, not just one. Think everything through before jumping in. Be very tolerant of others and situations this week and be very cautious about unnecessary spending but try to be creative too.

Affirmation: Every moment has the potential to be changed

Keywords: Catalyst, Prospecting, Discipline, Assessment, Adaptation, Coordination, Self-control, Blending, Compromise, Discretion, Creativity, Moderation


A week to prove your worth and to show your creativity. Propositions may be given to you this week and you need to give it careful thought before committing to anything – even if it looks attractive. You will have a good week as long as you are not reliant on anyone else for your happiness. Take control of your own happiness, be confident in all your activities and be creative in all you do! Be sensible without being stuck, and so something to show your love for your loved ones. If you’re feeling strongly about something, this is the week to do something significant about it.

Affirmation: Moving gently, I hold true to my heart

Keywords: Extravagant, Passionate, Spontaneous, Flighty, Dancer, Proposal, Idealistic, Romantic, Fanciful, Refined


The only constant in life is change! And you are going through this in a big way this week. You’ve already experienced gradual transformation, and this week may see the final energies of change hitting home. Change is necessary for you this week because things have not been great in the past. Its time we let go of the past and move towards our future. You need to regenerate the present situation so that something new can be born of it. This is not a week for procrastination or making long-term plans, or holding on to old habits. Instead, clear away the debris or junk in your life, turn that junk into cash and clear space for all the new that is coming in now.

Affirmation: The coal becomes the diamond, the seed the plant, and I am constantly renewed in every moment

Keywords: Life, Change, Rebirth, Renewal, Revolution, Transformation, Reincarnation, Elimination, Inevitability


This is a week that may have you being and needing accountability. Fairness in all areas will be high priority for you. You may feel like you have no control over outcomes and situations, and this may frustrate you. When you feel this way, make sure you present your case as clearly as possible. You may have a strong need for balance and harmony in your life and with some slight adjustments, you can achieve this. Be completely open and honest in all your dealings so that nothing comes back to bite you later. Try to remain fair and reasonable in all dealings and dont allow your emotions to cloud your thinking. Dont procrastinate on decisions.

Affirmation: There is a reckoning to the world which abides with me at all times

Keywords: Fair play, Reason, Debate, Deliberation, Accuracy, Judgement, Balance, Equilibrium, Harmony, Accountability

So however your week pans out, just know that you are loved, supported and that someone cares! You are not alone and there are many who are rooting for you to be happy and successful in everything you do.
With love and blessings,
From me to you,

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