TarotScope for the week ahead

10-16 Feb 2020

These TarotScopes will give you an idea of the kind of energies you will be working with for the coming week. Basically the idea is that they equip you with the insight you need so you can make the right choices and decisions in your life, and therefore have the best outcomes during the week. As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed!

Each week you are given information on the week’s energies which is taken from the Tarot (with interpretations from me and my guides), you are also given an Affirmation to work with, and then some Keywords which you can use as reminders during the week.

Scroll down to find your Zodiac sign and your corresponding message of guidance for the coming week. I love hearing from you so feel free to leave a comment down below or on social media.


This is a week to cover your bases and to ensure that no one is betraying you. Before you head into anything, ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding expectations. Whatever you are currently involved in, make sure you have all relevant information on hand before taking another step forward. Rather too much information, knowledge & understanding, than too little. Dont worry about being a pain with too many questions, you need as much data as you can get this week before you make any decisions or act on anything. It might also help you to be somewhat discreet in these actions. Even if you think you understand everything clearly, you can never truly know something fully. This is the paradox of life – there are things that currently confuse you, rather leave them be and move away. Make sure you are open and honest in all your transactions. Dont react to anyone who is annoying you this week, and face problems head-on instead of contriving and plotting behind anyone’s back.

Affirmation: I can collect my thoughts before speech, and speak before action

Keywords: Unreliability, Betrayal, Dishonour, Discretion, Uncertainty, Courage, Slander, Stealth, Subterfuge


A week to prove your worth and to show your creativity. Propositions may be given to you this week and you need to give it careful thought before committing to anything – even if it looks attractive. You will have a good week as long as you are not reliant on anyone else for your happiness. Take control of your own happiness, be confident in all your activities and be creative in all you do! Be sensible without being stuck, and so something to show your love for your loved ones. If you’re feeling strongly about something, this is the week to do something significant about it.

Affirmation: Moving gently, I hold true to my heart

Keywords: Extravagant, Passionate, Spontaneous, Flighty, Dancer, Proposal, Idealistic, Romantic, Fanciful, Refined


You may find yourself giving and taking this week. You have all the resources you need to achieve many great things this week. Don’t hold onto your excess, rather share it with those who truly need it. If you have ideas for the workplace, share them; if you have recommendations or suggestions to improve something – speak up and let everyone know. Giving isn’t always about money or financial matters. If someone offers you assistance in any area, in any regard this week, dont be too quick to turn them down. Life is all about balance and balance comes when one side gives, and the other side takes. Share your excess and you will be rewarded in many wonderful ways.

Affirmation: In giving of myself I receive blessings from above

Keywords: Welfare, Compensation, Return, Resources, Sharing, Charity, Gifts, Gratitude, Assist, Prosperity, Gratification


Balance is key for you this week. Balance of all things – at the same time! You may find yourself needing to cooperate with others in order to achieve your goals. You may also need to make some compromises. Always remember that the key to success this week is ‘moderation’. Recognise that nothing is complete without opposites – think of the Yin/Yang symbol, two parts that fit perfectly to form a whole. This is the energy of your week. You need both halves, not just one. Think everything through before jumping in. Be very tolerant of others and situations this week and be very cautious about unnecessary spending but try to be creative too.

Affirmation: Every moment has the potential to be changed

Keywords: Catalyst, Prospecting, Discipline, Assessment, Adaptation, Coordination, Self-control, Blending, Compromise, Discretion, Creativity, Moderation


This is an interesting week where you see steady progress and gradual gain in all your affairs, as long as you adopt a slow and serious approach. You may be tempted to rush ahead, try not do this if you want to see success. Attention to detail will serve you well this week and make sure you are sticking to long term goals and plans. When dealing with others, you may need to be more patient than usual and you may need to wait for the other person to fully commit to the conversation before you get into fine details. Make sure you are always organised and ready for action, be responsible and clear thinking.

Affirmation: Moving patiently I pan for the gold in every moment of my day

Keywords: Loyalty, Capability, Methodical, Trustworthy, Laborious, Steady progress, Diligence, Duty


This week you may find yourself wanting, or needing, to fully withdraw from all activity, in order to recharge your batteries. Recover from the battles of the past days/weeks/months. It is not a time to engage the enemy. It’s a time of recuperation and rest. Take yourself away from the stresses and strains of current life and just breathe! You have a need for solitude and to get away. Listen, trust and allow! If its not possible to STOP, then make a focused effort with prayer. Allow yourself ample time to ‘go within’ and quieten the noise before moving forward with your life. Saying NO may also help you this week.

Affirmation: I find tranquility in silence, and recovery in the moments between speech

Keywords: Patience, Inactivity, Hiding, Retreat, Exile, Recharge, Recuperate, Prayer, Quiet, Solitude, Meditation, Contemplation.


This week you are urged to slow down and be more prepared. Spend more time with the preparation of anything you get involved in instead of rushing into action. This applies to your words too. Give a moments thought to what you are saying, how it could be interpreted before actually saying the words. Even if you are feeling super confident in yourself and your abilities, hold back and take a good clear look at the battlefield before you commit yourself to action. No snap judgements this week please.

Affirmation: With every breath, my mind becomes clearer and I can clearly see what is in front of me

Keywords: Concentration, Alert, Obedience, Grace, Diplomacy, Observation, Logic, Circumspection, Vigilant, Wisdom, Strength


There are unknown forces at work behind the scenes. You must not assume that everything has been made clear to you. What is being held back? What are you holding back? Trust your own intuition in these matters to do what is right for you. Stay calm, stay centered, and you’ll be surprised at what is revealed to you. If you are trusted with a secret, do all you can to keep it. You have a sense of mystery about you which will be admired and appreciated this week.

Affirmation: There are mysteries beyond mysteries, and I am constantly revealed to myself

Keywords: Revelation, Mystery, Enlightenment, Insight, Soul, Potential, Stillness, Wisdom, Intuition


You may find that you need to climb out of your comfort zone this week and take some risks. You need to also acknowledge that you cannot make progress by playing it safe all the time. You have freedom of choice and a leap of faith is needed right now. There are abundant possibilities open to you but walk with a lack of expectations if you want significant progress to be made. Even if you feel like you are on the edge, know that there are plenty choices available to you right now. This is both the beginning and the end of your journey and that in itself is your journey this week. Dont be ruthless, and dont react in a suspicious way for no reason. Do not procrastinate too much. You know what to do, so do it! Be yourself, be happy and be true!

Affirmation: In laughter and learning I find there is nothing more to do

Keywords: Choice, Possibility, Innocence, Freedom, Potential, Opportunity, Wonder, Lightness, Trust, Spontaneity, Risk, Impulsiveness


Be the one who listens and understands this week. Be considerate of others and try to hold onto good faith. Be careful not to upset the apple cart, even if you feel at a disadvantage, it is important not to get emotionally drawn into any situation. Rather hold onto whatever you have, there will be other days for sharing. You have the ability to tap into the deep well of the emotional realm in order to gain wisdom, and you need to reconnect to this part of yourself to gain the insight you need right now. You cannot just think things through. Allow your intuitions (not your emotions) to guide you this week.

Affirmation: Persevering in my own depths, I can discover my true heart

Keywords: Affection, Poetic, Gentle, Good Natured, Divination, Prophecy, Heart, Melodramatic, Generous, Empathy


Proving yourself by showing off your agility and your responsiveness! That’s the energy around you this week. Be courageous and strong this week and don’t let anyone get in your way. You need to pursue your goals and that may require you to throw yourself into battle and consider the consequences of that later. It may feel like you are burning bridges; but know that success is there for you, even if you’re acting a bit reckless. Just keep your energy tank full so that you can continue making rapid progress and that you can accelerating from a standing start. This week will see you full of stimulation and excitement. Shake off the cobwebs and make rapid changes in your life. Be more impetuous and spontaneous. You will need a bit of courage to face the week ahead but you certainly have the resources to do so. So this week, be brave, courageous, strong, confident, busy, and action orientated. Take firm control of everything that comes your way. And make sure you dont respond too quickly to verbal attacks – ponder those!

Affirmation: Moving swiftly I cut through all hindrance with speed

Keywords: Deft, Responsive, Engaged, Pursuit, Strong, Brave, Courage, Skill, Assertiveness, Stimulation, Clever, Subtle, Self-Assured


You will experience a good work-life balance this week. You’ve surrounded yourself with good connections who all contribute towards your goal. You have established yourself in the existing structure and you’ve learnt to work with it, this is a good week to go with the flow and not to rock the boat. You understand the cycle of life and your contribution towards that. If things are not completely settled and in order in your life, work on establishing a good regime, even if its traditional and boring – it will serve you well. Do what you can to reduce shocks and surprises. This is a good week to take a long hard look at your life and to ensure it is stable enough to support your highest aspirations. Treat yourself this week, you deserve it. Visit close friends and family or invite them over to your place. Good fortune is all around you; because of the time and effort you have put into it. You have many friends who would love to share this with you; you must take care that those are true friends though.

Affirmation: Every movement I make has a place in this world with the movement of the stars

Keywords: Industry, Cohesion, Solid, Security, Windfall, Gain, Stability, Prestige, Tradition, Lineage, Wealth, Riches, Success

So however your week pans out, just know that you are loved, supported and that someone cares! You are not alone and there are many who are rooting for you to be happy and successful in everything you do.
With love and blessings,
From me to you,

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