Find Your Tarot Card for 2020

How to Calculate your Numerological Tarot Card for 2020

Add the day and the month you were born to the year 2020. For example: If you were born on the 3rd of April:  03 + 04 + 2020 = 2027

You then add each digit in the sum: 2 + 0 + 2 + 7 = 11

Stop reducing your answer when you get the first number between 1 & 22. This is your Major Arcana Tarot Card for 2020.

Typically the first card in the Tarot is numbered 0, and obviously zero will never come up in our maths, so this first card has been renumbered to 22.

Keywords and Short explanations for the Major Arcana. This is the energy your year has in store for you:-

22 The Fool – New Beginnings, Innocence, Spontaneity, A free Spirit, Fresh opportunities with the potential to bring your dreams to life.

1 The Magician – Power, Skill, Concentration, Action, Resourcefulness, The ability to manifest your desires.

2 The High Priestess – Intuition, Higher Powers, Mystery, Subconscious mind, Serendipity showing up in your life.

3 The Empress – Fertility, Femininity, Beauty, Nature, Abundance, Giving birth to desires and realities

4 The Emperor – Authority, Structure, Solid Foundation, A time to employ strategic and analytical thinking

5 The Hierophant – Religion, Group Identification, Conformity, Tradition, Beliefs, A time to have faith as you find your own path.

6 The Lovers – Love, Union, Relationships, Values Alignment, The choice to allow yourself to fall in love (for the first time or all over again).

7 The Chariot – Control, Willpower, Victory, Assertion, Determination, Harnessing opposing forces and moving them in the same direction.

8 Strength – Strength, Courage, Patience, Control, Compassion, Always being calm in the face of uncertainty.

9 The Hermit – Soul-searching, Introspection, Being alone, Inner Guidance, Finding your guide within, Taking time away from the chaos of a busy life.

10 Wheel of Fortune – Good Luck, Karma, Life Cycles, Destiny, a Turning Point, A time to surrender to what is and what will be.

11 Justice – Justice, Fairness, Truth, Cause & Effect, Law, Accountability.

12 The Hanged Man – Suspension, Restriction, Letting go, Fresh Perspective, Sacrifice, Re-aligning with your heart and purpose.

13 Death & Rebirth – Endings, Beginnings, Change, Transformation, Transition, A time for a symbolic death, rebirth and renewal.

14 Temperance – Balance, Moderation, Patience, Purpose, Meaning, The perpetual motion of life.

15 The Devil – Addiction, Sexuality, Temptation, Materialism, A time to delve into your shadow self to experience freedom from all vices.

16 The Tower – Upheaval, Change, Revelation, Rebuild, New awareness and perspectives, A shift in your matrix.

17 The Star – Hope, Spirituality, Renewal, Inspiration, Serenity, Wishes granted, Know you are on the right path.

18 The Moon – Illusion, Facing your fears, Anxiety, Insecurity, Subconscious

19 The Sun – Fun, Warmth, Success, Positivity, Vitality, Manifesting your Dreams.

20 Judgement – Rebirth, Judgement, Inner Calling, Self-realization and understanding, A spiritual awakening, Knowing that your motives and your heart are true.

21 The World – Completion, Integration, Accomplishment, Travel, New levels of consciousness.

Comment below with what card you got and feel free to share with your friends.

May your 2020 be filled with happiness and joy every day!!!

With love and blessings, Rene

2 thoughts on “Find Your Tarot Card for 2020

  1. Thank you Rene, sending you lots of love and light as we start off the new year

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