TarotScope for the week ahead

11-17 November 2019

These TarotScopes will give you an idea of the kind of energies you will be working with for the coming week. Basically the idea is that they equip you with the insight you need so you can make the right choices and decisions in your life, and therefore have the best outcomes during the week. As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed!

Each week you are given information on the week’s energies which is taken from the Tarot (with interpretations from me and my guides), you are also given an Affirmation to work with, and then some Keywords which you can use as reminders during the week.

Scroll down to find your Zodiac sign and your corresponding message of guidance for the coming week. I love hearing from you so feel free to leave a comment down below or on social media.


This may be a week of reflection, fear, the unconscious and many other emotions. Try not let the uncertainty of your path prevent you from going where you need to. You will need to come out of your shell to take on the challenges in order to gain the rewards. Take a moment to consider your past journey, and see if you can learn from any of your past mistakes. Try not let your fear of the unknown scare you from taking the step forward you need. Learn to trust your emotions without letting them hold you back this week. You’ll see and understand more of your journey with each step you take. Dont sit in fear, walk in confidence.

Affirmation: I accept that everything I learn will take me safely into new landscapes

Keywords: Escape, Dreams, Mystery, Ignorance, Deception, Intuition, Tides, Fear, Illusion, Uncertainty


Sometimes your best option is to withdraw from others and to find success in your own way. This is true for you this week. You may require privacy and seclusion in order to achieve the results you want to see. You may find yourself coaching and mentoring others as well as presenting your own vision to others so that they may follow your footsteps to success. You must take time to meditate and contemplate, and you may wish to retreat to a place where you can have peace and quiet. Remain true to yourself and walk in your own path regardless of what others are doing. Its ok to be a bit of an introvert this week as long as you dont become needy and possessive. Spend quality time with yourself by going for a walk or any other activity that brings you inner peace.

Affirmation: I am guided by my own star, far from the voices of others

Keywords: Simplicity, Humble, Solitude, Wisdom, Guidance, Contemplation, Meditation, Withdrawal, Patience, Introspection, Retreat, Isolation


This is going to be a very interesting week. There is a strong chance that nothing will go according to plan and you may have many thoughts of “what is going on?” When you get to that point know that its time to overthrow everything that has come before and to start afresh. Your foundations are solid but your execution needs some work. This is not a good week to make long term plans or even to stick to routines. Order something different, do things in a different way and have major surprises – those are the options on the menu for you this week. Dont make any quick big decisions this week either, but that doesn’t mean you get to stay under the covers and hide from the world either. You must get out there, and expect the unexpected. Even though it may shock you, the ultimate outcome will be favourable.

Affirmation: This week provides me the power of speech to change everything

Keywords: Acceleration, Conflict, Collapse, Modification, Surprise, Upheaval, Confusion, Communications, Release, Toppling, Change


There needs to be a right and fair balance of responsibilities and rewards this week. You will receive your fair share of any rewards and it may serve you well to carefully consider the rewards to offer to others this week. Life is all about balance, balance of duties and balance of rewards. You can be self-sufficient but maybe its time you shared the light with others. Make careful decisions when it comes to planning your next step to ensure that you are not taking on too much. This is not a time for false pride, rather, its a time for being open to sharing with others, and doing so will ensure you receive the rewards! Dont give anything away for nothing this week, there should always be a fair exchange. Not a good week to undergo a detox or to deprive yourself of anything. Make sure you are always ready to be seen and noticed, you never know when your rewards will appear. Dont give up on anything you’re currently involved in, this is a week to hold onto opportunities, and not to seek new ones.

Affirmation: The world is wise to have provided me these challenges

Keywords: Security, Captive, Blessed, Selfishness, Comfort, Attainment, Success, Fruition, Completion, Accomplishment


Strength, Authority and Power are the energies at work for you this week. You must take the initiative and drive your own ambitions forward. This is not a time to be shy or reserved. The trick is to put your best foot forward in as many different projects and opportunities as possible until you find the one that meets your requirements. Apply your energy to those things that are under your control and authority, even if you have to withdraw from other activities to do so. Participate in relationships with passionate energy and a drive that brings new levels to them. Own your power this week, delegate whatever you can, while being self assured and assertive. Take control and lead!

Affirmation: I am in command of my own intentions and embrace my will in the world

Keywords: Rock Solid, Force, Stubborn, Endurance, Authority, Leadership, Reason, Self-Mastery, Structure, Domination, Order


This is a good week to get things done. To learn, understand, plan, strategize and DO! Don’t think you know it all because there is always something you can learn that will help you achieve more easier. This is a time when you may learn new skills and have the opportunity to demonstrate them to others. You may even be recognised for your competence. But it is important to understand the plans of others so that you ensure you are positively contributing to the overall vision at all times. Cooperation and teamwork will ensure all expectations are met. So for this week, take 5 minutes to read the instruction manual before diving in, be thoughtful in your actions and dont rely on your gut instinct to figure things out.

Affirmation: I realise my aspirations by making small and definite steps towards the fulfillment of my dreams

Keywords: Loyalty, Ambition, Consolidation, Capability, Recognition, Competence, Status, Synergy, Growth


Things are moving and shaking this week, but in a positive way. You’ll see some things come to a successful end and immediately some new opportunities will present themselves. You have an interconnected outlook, and you always take in all aspects of the situation – this is your recipe for success this week. Make sure you fully engage in all activities, dont sit anything out. Be aware that all things are connected, mental, psychological, physical, and environmental. You may want to take a wider view of your current circumstances and get a better balance in your life. Work on your life goals this week and make sure you’re still on target. If you can tick a few things off your list this week it would be great.

Affirmation: This world is as much mine as anyone else’s and I will give it a treat to remember

Keywords: Diversity, Experience, Beginning, Triumph, Fulfillment, Reward, Arrival, Liberation, Culmination, Completion, Wholeness


You may find that you need to climb out of your comfort zone this week and take some risks. You need to also acknowledge that you cannot make progress by playing it safe all the time. You have freedom of choice and a leap of faith is needed right now. There are abundant possibilities open to you but walk with a lack of expectations if you want significant progress to be made. Even if you feel like you are on the edge, know that there are plenty choices available to you right now. This is both the beginning and the end of your journey and that in itself is your journey this week. Dont be ruthless, and dont react in a suspicious way for no reason. Do not procrastinate too much. You know what to do, so do it! Be yourself, be happy and be true!

Affirmation: In laughter and learning I find there is nothing more to do

Keywords: Choice, Possibility, Innocence, Freedom, Potential, Opportunity, Wonder, Lightness, Trust, Spontaneity, Risk, Impulsiveness


This will be a week of quick and sharp decisions, a week of gaining clarity and a week of “immediacy”. There will be no time for playing around or waiting to see what happens. You will be pushed into action. Don’t wait on anyone before making the decisions and changes you need to. You are in control and you are strong. Dont allow emotions to get in the way and if anyone challenges you, stand up and explain yourself. This is not a week to be mindful of other people’s feelings. Share your thoughts, opinions and expectations this week – make sure everyone knows your expectations.

Affirmation: Persevering in my own decisions, I can discover my true talents

Keywords: Acknowledgement, Quick, Confident, Strong, Autonomy, Discernment, Perceptive, Ordered, Astute, Just


This is a week to hold onto and save whatever you can. It’s a week of acquisitions and possessions. Its time to start saving for a rainy day and to keep control of things we already have instead of buying anything new. Be mindful of your current situation and take stock. Ensure that all aspects of your life are covered and taken care of – even if that means being a little bit selfish this week. We need to find that balance of securing our futures without holding on too tightly to everything! Its a very fine line indeed. If there is anything holding you back or restraining you, this is a good week to deal with it. Dont be too generous with your time or possessions this week. You can have happiness your way as long as you are clear headed about it and dont cross the line between control and selfishness.

Affirmation: I preserve and save what is good and reject all that is not

Keywords: Maintenance, Order, Selfishness, Status Quo, Possession, Security, Steadfast, Hindrances, Desire, Legacy


Diplomacy, compassion and composure are the energies around you this week. Trust your instincts and feelings when approaching delicate situations. This is not a week to be over-analytical or critical; instead, take in the situation, observe and respond accordingly. You may find that those around you are not expressing themselves completely and you may need to draw information out from them before making decisions. Always maintain your composure during difficult situations. How you respond now will have a profound effect on those around you. You are capable of reaching depths you cannot perceive, even under restricting circumstances. Your calm exterior hides a quiet power that not everyone is aware of. Try not to be too impatient with those fools around you, rather try to set a good example and be the sort of person you would want giving you support if you needed it.

Affirmation: Ruling my own heart, I am able to draw upon the depths of all time

Keywords: Recognition, Consideration, Calm, Quiet, Elegance, Sophistication, Dignity, Wisdom, Compassion, Composure, Stability


This may be a challenging week ahead for you. Its important to know what battles you can and cant win, especially this week. Be very aware of your circumstances this week and don’t get caught off guard. You may have to walk away from a troublesome situation in order to preserve your own wellbeing. You will achieve nothing by repeating old arguments and it is important to consider the opinions of others, especially if they are influencing current conversations, because there is more going on in those words than you realise. This is an important week to give apologies that are over due and to watch your words. And as they say in the classics: Let bygones be bygones. Forgive easily and carry no grudges this week.

Affirmation: I am capable of holding my own speech when others attempt to provoke me

Keywords: Uncertainty, Rebellion, Defeat, Failure, Degradation, Dispute, Affliction, Trouble, Conquest, Surrender

So however your week pans out, just know that you are loved, supported and that someone cares! You are not alone and there are many who are rooting for you to be happy and successful in everything you do.
With love and blessings,
From me to you,

One thought on “TarotScope for the week ahead

  1. That was most helpful Rene, thanks. I would love to have a reading. I did ask Kerry after I couldn’t make the last Sat you did our Oblong group. When would be possible please?

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