Walkthrough of the Millennium Thoth Tarot

I’ve been aware of the Thoth system of Tarot for many years but I’ve never really taken the time to explore it or get to know it…. until I saw a modern version of the deck and then I just had to explore.

For those of you in South Africa, you can purchase it online HERE. This is an affiliate link which means I get a small commission from any sales. This will be used to bring you more content related to all things Tarot!

The Millenium Thoth Tarot is the perfect tarot to embolden your life and spirit. Showcasing the creative mind and stunning artwork of Renata Lechner, creator of the Arcanum Tarot, this powerful deck uses stylishly detailed illustrations to portray the symbols and meanings of one of the most revered decks of the twentieth century. This deck definitely stands apart from all the rest, making it a great choice for readers and collectors who have an affinity for tarot decks that bring a truly original energy to the table.


I first saw this deck a while back and was instantly intrigued. The symbolism just jumped out at me and I was so curious to learn more. I was concerned with it being a Thoth deck but all concerns are out the window. Now I only have love….

The card stock is amazing and it shuffles really well. I find the card size perfect for my small hands.

The Guidebook is fabulous! It explains the imagery/symbolism and gives a short meaning for each card. I found it sufficient.

Full unboxing of the Everyday Witch Tarot by Intuitive Rene

This is definitely a deck I look forward to learning and getting really involved in!

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