TarotScope 22-28 July 2019

These TarotScopes will give you an idea of the kind of energies you will be working with for the coming week. Basically the idea is that they equip you with the insight you need so you can make the right choices and decisions in your life, and therefore have the best outcomes during the week. As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed!

Each week you are given information on the week’s energies which is taken from the Tarot (with interpretations from me and my guides), you are also given an Affirmation to work with, and then some Keywords which you can use as reminders during the week.

Scroll down to find your Zodiac sign and your corresponding message of guidance for the coming week. Remember, I love hearing from you so feel free to leave a comment down below or on social media.


This is a week that could see unexpected opportunities for you. You may find yourself thinking out of the box, and its important to know that you can take a creative leap because the rewards will surprise you. Expect surprising results in all your endeavours. Do what is fun, do something that other would not expect of you and then be confident in the outcome. Make time for those nearest and dearest to you and try to surprise them with your enthusiasm and courage. This is a good week to do something outside of your usual routine.

Affirmation: With every breath in, all the possibilities of creation become more available to me.

Keywords: Sophistication, Gentleness, Kindness, Intuition, Inspiration, Artistry, Sensitive, Curiosity, Confidence


This week you may find yourself outside and away from where you want to be. You may feel like you have been neglected and forgotten. It may even feel like a loss, halt, or postponement of your plans. You may feel disassociation from others in your immediate environment. You need to seek assistance from whomever is able to give it to you. Dont go it alone. Your insecurities are preventing you from moving forward towards your goals. This week you may be forced to go outside of your comfort zone and embrace the uncomfortable – trust in the process, you’ll be so glad you did. Know that you are halfway to wherever you are going and this slight deviation from your plan will not hinder your outcome.

Affirmation: When I look beyond my own needs, I am empowered to make the world richer

Keywords: Adrift, Loss, Loneliness, Improvising, Adaption, Worry, Redundancy, Insecurity


Sometimes gifts are just gifts. This week you may need to learn how to accept a gift with a carefree attitude and not put too much attention onto the reasons or motivations behind the gifts. It is also a good week to put your money to use, so if you’ve been saving for a particular event, maybe the time is right now to make it happen. You are allowed to stop chasing money for a minute and to enjoy the freedom that it can buy you – without overspending. Think back to a time when you were carefree, happy and content, and ask yourself – whats changed? See what you can do to bring those energies and emotions from a happier time, back into your life now. This is not a week for thinking, planning and plotting, but rather for enjoying all that life has to share with you and for setting things in motion that will bring about a happier future for you and those you care about. Fight for your happiness, dont walk away from it.

Affirmation: In every way the day can be seen through innocent eyes

Keywords: Appreciation, Gift, Innocence, Sentiment, Reminiscence, Affection, Goodwill, Harmony


This week you may find yourself wanting, or needing, to fully withdraw from all activity, in order to recharge your batteries. Recover from the battles of the past days/weeks/months. It is not a time to engage the enemy. It’s a time of recuperation and rest. Take yourself away from the stresses and strains of current life and just breathe! You have a need for solitude and to get away. Listen, trust and allow! If its not possible to STOP, then make a focused effort with prayer. Allow yourself ample time to ‘go within’ and quieten the noise before moving forward with your life. Saying NO may also help you this week.

Affirmation: I find tranquility in silence, and recovery in the moments between speech

Keywords: Patience, Inactivity, Hiding, Retreat, Exile, Recharge, Recuperate, Prayer, Quiet, Solitude, Meditation, Contemplation.


This week you may find yourself refusing to accept assistance from others even when you actually need their help. Your resources are exhausted and because of this, you may be missing or ignoring good opportunities. Notice all that is offered to you this week and take what is being given to you. You are suffering from apathy and boredom which is leading you towards physical discontent – its time to shake yourself up and accept the assistance being offered. This will require you to move out of your comfort zone! Try to express more enthusiasm and to share your feelings with those around you. Trying saying YES to everyone and every opportunity that comes your way.

Affirmation: I turn my head to find hidden opportunities when I least expect them

Keywords: Defensive, Distracted, Boredom, Discontent, Apathy, Doubt, Hesitation, Introspection, Self-Absorption, Dissatisfied


This will be a high energy week for you, full of inspiration and action. New opportunities, ideas and even being original. You can only rely on yourself and don’t wait for someone else to manage your affairs for you. This week you need independent thinking and ideas to get you through. This is a good week for a fresh start and enthusiasm for life, as long as you are solely responsible for your own actions. This is a good week to start new projects and implement new ideas. Dont allow yourself to feel down if things dont go according to plan, just push through to the other side and you’ll enjoy the success and achievement you’re looking for.

Affirmation: I am the seed of all that I can be

Keywords: Advancement, Birth, Career, Drive, Ambition, Inspiration, Vision, Invention, Spark, Incentive, Enterprise


Things are moving and shaking this week, but in a positive way. You’ll see some things come to a successful end and immediately some new opportunities will present themselves. You have an interconnected outlook, and you always take in all aspects of the situation – this is your recipe for success this week. Make sure you fully engage in all activities, dont sit anything out. Be aware that all things are connected, mental, psychological, physical, and environmental. You may want to take a wider view of your current circumstances and get a better balance in your life. Work on your life goals this week and make sure you’re still on target. If you can tick a few things off your list this week it would be great.

Affirmation: This world is as much mine as anyone else’s and I will give it a treat to remember

Keywords: Diversity, Experience, Beginning, Triumph, Fulfillment, Reward, Arrival, Liberation, Culmination, Completion, Wholeness


You will experience a good work-life balance this week. You’ve surrounded yourself with good connections who all contribute towards your goal. You have established yourself in the existing structure and you’ve learnt to work with it, this is a good week to go with the flow and not to rock the boat. You understand the cycle of life and your contribution towards that. If things are not completely settled and in order in your life, work on establishing a good regime, even if its traditional and boring – it will serve you well. Do what you can to reduce shocks and surprises. This is a good week to take a long hard look at your life and to ensure it is stable enough to support your highest aspirations. Treat yourself this week, you deserve it. Visit close friends and family or invite them over to your place. Good fortune is all around you; because of the time and effort you have put into it. You have many friends who would love to share this with you; you must take care that those are true friends though.

Affirmation: Every movement I make has a place in this world with the movement of the stars

Keywords: Industry, Cohesion, Solid, Security, Windfall, Gain, Stability, Prestige, Tradition, Lineage, Wealth, Riches, Success


You are part way through your journey and there is still some work to be done. There will be no immediate reward; even though the end is in sight. Be prepared for the long journey that is ahead of you. You should also be prepared to make waves this week, but dont change your course of action. You are on the right path and you will enjoy success. Learn to make do with your present circumstances and make the most of what you already possess, even if that means moving away from your current situation/environment by taking a break or going on a holiday. Dont allow yourself to get caught up in circumstances this week, or become a victim of your circumstances.

Affirmation: I can look to longer-term horizons at any point in my journey

Keywords: Transition, Relocation, Change, Recovery, Fleeing, Journey, Route, New perspective


You will enjoy good progress in your ambitions this week. You are in pursuit of your vision and good news is on the way, and there is inevitability to all of the things you have set in motion thus far. One way of saying this is that your chickens will soon come home to roost. Things are moving forward at a fast rate and you just need to wait a little longer. You dont need to do anything more at this stage. Spending time in meditation will serve you well this week. You need to calm, and slow down so that you dont make a mistake in your eagerness and excitement. Watch your communications this week and make sure you think before you speak. The momentum is here, so use it to your advantage and keep up the pace. You can achieve everything you want and need to now after all the effort you have put in to get to this significant point. Keep focused and be ready to start making new plans.

Affirmation: I am on my way always with the divine drive of the entire cosmos

Keywords: Growth, Morale, Booster, Strategy, Approach, Journey, Frenzy, Urgency, Progress, Motion, Flight, Destination


Diplomacy, compassion and composure are the energies around you this week. Trust your instincts and feelings when approaching delicate situations. This is not a week to be over-analytical or critical; instead, take in the situation, observe and respond accordingly. You may find that those around you are not expressing themselves completely and you may need to draw information out from them before making decisions. Always maintain your composure during difficult situations. How you respond now will have a profound effect on those around you. You are capable of reaching depths you cannot perceive, even under restricting circumstances. Your calm exterior hides a quiet power that not everyone is aware of. Try not to be too impatient with those fools around you, rather try to set a good example and be the sort of person you would want giving you support if you needed it.

Affirmation: Ruling my own heart, I am able to draw upon the depths of all time

Keywords: Recognition, Consideration, Calm, Quiet, Elegance, Sophistication, Dignity, Wisdom, Compassion, Composure, Stability


There is a lot going on in your head this week. Some great ideas, but others maybe not so. Try to see this. Try to be open and honest with yourself before you drown in your own illusions. Look at everything you are actively involved in and ask yourself if this is needed, worthy, necessary or if you’ve somehow got lost in the momentum of your life. Even though the attractions (which have captured your attention may appear exciting right now), they are not really doing you any good at all. If you are feeling like a mere shadow of yourself, the solution to reclaiming your persona lies in the dangers of what is most consuming your time right now. This week is a good time to seek external advice and counseling to get a second opinion of what is going on in your life right now.

Affirmation: I am able to look beyond the obvious and see hidden delight in the world

Keywords: Delusion, Obsession, Opportunities, Spoilt for Choice, Emotional Overload, Release, Vision, Yearning, Self-Indulgence

So however your week pans out, just know that you are loved, supported and that someone cares! You are not alone and there are many who are rooting for you to be happy and successful in everything you do.
With love and blessings,
From me to you,

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