Pick a Card Bundle – 14 June 2019

Its my favourite day of the week!!! Pick a Card FriYay!!! I’m really enjoying this process of recording the video, editing and uploading it… I’m certainly NO expert but its so much fun. My Computer on the other hand will argue with me – its really struggling with the rendering (whatever that actually means heehee). But its all good, I got the video done and uploaded intime for Friday morning!!

I will be posting all sorts of video’s on YouTube from now on, so please consider subscribing to my ‘channel’ so you wont miss out on any of them: CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Ok, so how does it work? Well, I’ve recorded a single video but its done in a few parts. The first bit is the introduction and explanation, and then I take each pile and reveal the cards and give you the message – tying all the cards together into one strong, detailed message.

Today’s bundles are made up of 3 different card systems; an Angel message card, Tarot Cards & Oracle Cards.

So once you’ve picked your Bundle from the photo below… You can either choose to watch the whole video (first video below), or you can scroll down to only watch the pile you’ve chosen. Its the same video in each box below, they will just start from the beginning of your chosen pile… Gosh, I hope that makes sense!!

Full video

Click here to go straight to YouTube

Bundle 1

Click here to go straight to YouTube

Bundle 2

Click here to go straight to YouTube

Bundle 3

Click here to go straight to YouTube

I’d love to hear from you so please comment below and let me know if you resonated with your message today.
With love and an abundance of blessings,

7 thoughts on “Pick a Card Bundle – 14 June 2019

  1. You hit the nail on the head. I need to look for a job and I’m terrified. That was all the support I needed . Thank you

  2. Hi Rene, I read somewhere previously that you do physic readings over the phone. I would love to have a reading with you. I am in Johannesburg. Could you please let me know how it works and the cost thereof. And when you would be available to do so. Many thanks, kind regards, Elaine

  3. Wow Rene ! love your Pick a Card bundles, they are awesome and so accurate! Today I chose 1
    Thank You!6

  4. Rene i chose number no 2 💞 was just what i needed – absolute confirmation as was just about to do something i would have regretted but will be patient❤ also listened to bundle 3 and was also spot on🙏 oceans of love xxx

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