Pick a Card Bundle – 31 May 2019

Drum roll please…. Today is a huge day for my Pick a Card Feature!!! I ran a little poll (actually its still running) on my Facebook page asking if I should stick with a Pick a Card where you come here to read your message, or if I should switch to a video where you get to watch and listen to your message. At the time of doing this post, the votes were so close… Video is ahead so I decided to give it a try!! eeeeekkkk

So PLEASE let me know your thoughts about this format and if you prefer the old format… After all, this feature is for YOU and not for me 🙂

Ok, so how does it work? Well, I’ve recorded a single video but its done in a few parts. The first bit is the introduction and explanation, and then I take each pile and reveal the cards and give you the message – tying all the cards together into one message. I must say that I was very surprised how 6 different decks gave such strong and amazing messages that co-ordinated so well. There is no way I could have typed all of that up.

These piles are made up of 6 different decks; a Spirit Animal card, Oracle card, Crystal card, Tarot card, 2 Lenormand Cards and an Affirmation Card.

So once you’ve picked your card from the photo below… You can either choose to watch the whole video (first videobelow), or you can scroll down to only watch the pile you’ve chosen. Its the same video in each box below, they will just start from the beginning of your chosen pile… Gosh, I hope that makes sense!!

Full video

Pile 1

Pile 2

pile 3

I’d love to hear from you so please comment below and let me know if you resonated with your message today.
With love and an abundance of blessings,

18 thoughts on “Pick a Card Bundle – 31 May 2019

  1. I love this way much better you make it more understanding xxx thanks for the message it feels like it is making sense

  2. Absolutely spot on. I have house bumps. Much prefer this way of reading. Thoroughly enjoyed getting my reading and hearing a voice. Thanks so much for your precious time and effort. Really appreciate it. Regards Leigh

  3. Good Morning Lovely Lady
    Wow that was awesome. I loved the video and especially the mix of cards they really made sense. I chose pile 3 ❤
    Thank you for all you do and the amount of work you put into creating such an amazing message.
    Lots of love and BIG BIG hugs

  4. WOW!!! Love the video one, I chose pile number 2 and gosh it makes SO much sense!!! Thank you SO much for your messages and your energy, you are so appreciated ❤ Lots and Lots of Love and Hugs ❤

  5. Thank you, I had been waiting to hear this, I just felt something is going to be said. Mnn I will walk away.

  6. Many thanks ..lovely lady
    Its all i needed to hear . Confirmation … u on point ..
    My decision has been confirmed .
    I was thinking about moving jobs … here i go ..

  7. Love this method, well done. Chose pile 3 and the message has helped tremendously. Thank you Rene xx

  8. Love it!! So much more detail & spot on…thanks for your time and effort Rene 😊🌸

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