24 May – Pick a Card

Today I am giving you 4 choices to choose from. Each choice is made up of 2 cards from a new Tarot Deck I got in recently – The Everday Witch Tarot. Its fun, whimsical, light hearted, carefree and rather colourful, and I felt that we could all use these qualities in our lives today.

When I received this Deck, I did a little video to show you the deck. Click HERE if you want to see more about this particular deck.

So close your eyes, centre yourself, calm your breath, and clear your mind. Take a deep breath and when you open your eyes, notice which card you feel drawn to. This will be your Card Bundle for today. Scroll down to find your bundle and to read your message inspired by Spirit!

Please comment below or on Social Media and let me know if you resonate with your messages.

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Card 1

If you find yourself looking for an argument and feeling a little bit on edge right now, just know that its not you – its something in the air. You can choose to get involved in the chaos around you, or you can choose to go for a short walk outside, clear your head, breathe in clean and clear energy, and then return with clarity and an open mind. You need to learn how to nurture yourself with all that is happening around you. You are very susceptible to the emotions of others right now and how you handle it is up to you.
You are an important person in the lives of many. You guide, direct, and help them all. So getting stuck in the drama/chaos/arguments is not the right solution for you right now.
Take time to nurture your spirit so that you have enough positive energy to help those who need you.

card 2

Sometimes we think back to our past and wish life could be that simple again. Have you been doing just that? have you been pondering your past and reminiscing? Are you longing for an easier time, or just missing someone you’ve maybe lost along the way?
Be mindful of your actions right now because they are based on your thoughts and emotions. If you are bitter about your past, your actions will be bitter too. If you are sad, your actions will reflect that. Its not wrong to reminisce, but it is wrong to live in the past. Its time to get into the moment, into the now… There are opportunities and people in your present life who have many wonderful experiences to share with you, but if you are not present they cant share. Get into the moment, get into your present and start enjoying your life – because you deserve it!

card 3

Have you heard the phrase “sixes and sevens?” It means a state of confusion and disorder. These two cards (a 6 and a 7), are indicating this same situation. The first card (six) shows that you are kind and generous, and that you like to help people. But it also shows that the help you are giving is not the help that is needed. You are giving what you have in excess but the need does not equal your excess. The second card (seven) is a card of greed, and wanting/needing to take it all.
About having your arms full but wanting to take even more. So together, these two cards are confirming that you are at “sixes and sevens” with yourself right now. Are you trying to be nic, kind, caring, considerate, while doing it all? Are you burning the candle at both ends? Are you mentally, emotionally spent?
Be aware of your actions and intentions and ask yourself if its truly necessary and if you are doing what is really required. Let go of whatever isn’t working for you, and realise that less is in fact more!

Card 4

Life is full of choices. Every moment is a choice. You wake up and immediately you have choices to make. Sometimes it can get quite overwhelming. But one thing is certain, NOT making a choice is NOT an option! You have to! Its expected of you. You cant rely on others do make all your choices for you. That is how you attract problems and unhappiness into your life.
We are all afraid of making the wrong choice, but we are judged harsher when we make no choice at all. Judgement isn’t always negative, sports are judged by their scores and good scores are judged in a positive light. How would you judge your favourite team if they walked onto the field and didn’t play?
Where in your life are you choosing not to play? Where are you not making decisions or choices? Where are you avoiding these issues? Spend a few minutes and go within, find your area of concern and make that choice. Make it with confidence, with certainty and with passion. You will be surprised by the result of your choice!

With love and blessings, Rene

3 thoughts on “24 May – Pick a Card

  1. Thank you Rene I LOVE the Everyday Witch Tarot! I chose cards no 2 and just love the pic, especially as it has a dragon!
    Lots love, stay well

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