TarotScope 13 May 2019

For this week’s feature, I’m using the Ceccoli Tarot by Lo Scarabeo. Its a mini deck which fits perfectly in my hand like a fragile child. Its imagery is playful, subtle and almost dreamlike. This is why I thought it appropriate considering yesterday was Mothers Day here in South Africa.

From this week onwards I wont be posting the individual cards with the messages, instead I’ll just use the Zodiac Glyphs. This will reduce the amount of time it takes me to do these TarotScopes each week.

I would love to hear how you resonated with this weeks TarotScopes so leave a comment here or on Social Media.

Scroll down to find your Zodiac sign and your corresponding message of guidance for the coming week. Remember, I love hearing from you so feel free to leave a comment down below or on social media


The Magician says its time to organise and clear out your environment. Its time to manage our immediate environment. Make sure you have all your resources gathered and ready, and know in which direction you want to go. You can channel grand visions into realistic manifestations this week.


You have a head full of ideas and you need to be paying attention. Get a little notebook and write them all down. Then you can sift through them to find the true gems. Your mind is busy, take control and make it work in your favour – don’t let it become a burden to you.


Ace of Cups is all about new relationships. When we say relationships we don’t only mean love relationships. This week will be about making new connections, meeting people who can make a positive difference in your world. So get out there and allow these new opportunities to come your way. Be open to meeting new people.


The Devil brings temptation, greed, lust, and addictions. Be aware of your reactions to situations and circumstances this week and constantly check that you are not allowing your emotions to lead you. Try to keep a balance between want and need. Try to keep a balance between necessary and unnecessary. You may also find yourself needing to keep a big secret or be involved in secret dealings. Be mindful and aware of your responses this week.


The Knight of Pentacles is all about goals, ambitions and actions. But he moves at his own pace. He believes in being thorough and giving 100% of himself to all he does. Don’t rush into anything, rather take the time and tested route and you’ll enjoy success. Keywords: Methodical, practical, Steady, Reliable, Trusted


Two of Pentacles wants you to be a little more aware of your financial situation this week. Pay attention to anything that needs your attention. You may need to do some juggling this week. Before embarking on anything, weigh up the pro’s and con’s to ensure that it is worth the effort. There are many changing occurring for you right now but you have the ability to manage them.


Eight of Pentacles is a card of hard work & effort. It tells you that you’ve worked hard to achieve all that you have achieved. It wants you to be proud but to also realise that there is more to you and your life than work and work alone. Try to find balance in your daily activies. Productivity, work, precision, self-confidence, skill, handiwork, talent, economy, ommission and proficiency are your keywords for the week.


Two of Cups talks of partnerships and relationships. So the focus for you is on your connection/relationship to others. Nurture the relationships you have with others and you’ll achieve all that you set out to.


The 10 of Swords is never a nice card to receive but it’s message for you isn’t necessarily a bad one. It tells you that you are feeling like you just cant do anything anymore. You are feeling mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted. You don’t feel like you have the energy to move another muscle. But what this card is really telling you is that it acknowledges how you feel and it wants you to know that you do have the energy to get up and move on. While you’ve been feeling so down, you have replenished your batteries a little bit and there is enough for you to get away from whatever is causing your pain. Don’t give up, don’t give in! The worst is behind you and a new day will begin for you soon enough. Keywords: Difficult endings, Transition, Inaction, Stagnation


Five of Cups shows that you may be feeling a little disappointed this week but if/when this happens, instead of allowing the emotion to take over, rather have a look around you because there are many other reasons to feel happy. You just need to see them.


The Hermit is a card of solitude and introspection. The Hermit wants you to trust and believe in yourself and to realise that you don’t really need anyone else. You can do this alone! But please don’t rush into any new projects this week. Rather spend time alone with your thoughts and ideas to ensure that they are really in line with what you truly want for yourself this week. Meditation, mindfulness, and contemplation are your words for this week.


This week is a week for truth and accountability. Justice will be given as fairly as possible so just trust in the process. Do whatever you need to and no more, and always present your case as best you can – the rest is out of your hands.

So however your week pans out, just know that you are loved, supported and that someone cares! You are not alone and there are many who are rooting for you to be happy and successful in everything you do.
With love and blessings,
From me to you,

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