TarotScope 8-14 April 2019

For today’s TarotScopes, I am using an interesting and slightly unusual Tarot Deck. This deck is based on the healing therapy of Aura-Soma.

Harnessing the vibrational powers of Mother Nature, Aura‑Soma is a system of colour, plant and crystal energies that enhance happiness and vitality. Every aspect of the process to create Aura‑Soma products is infused with love and beneficial intention.

This particular deck is an old version (printed in 1997) when the Aura-Soma system had only 98 colour combinations. The current system is up to 200 colour combinations.

I would love to hear how you resonated with this weeks TarotScopes so leave a comment here or on Social Media.

Scroll down to find your Zodiac sign and your corresponding message of guidance for the coming week. Remember, I love hearing from you so feel free to leave a comment down below or on social media


Card Front

86 – Justice

This week is a week for truth and accountability. Justice will be given as fairly as possible so just trust in the process. Do whatever you need to and no more, and always present your case as best you can – the rest is out of your hands.

Card Message: A communicator to many. Balancing positive and negative energies. Justice with mercy.

Card Back: A channel for the creative communication of the heart. The Light in media communications


Card Front

19 – The Sun

The Sun always brings such happiness. It reminds us that all is good in our lives and it wants us to celebrate. Happiness, success, joy and abundance are yours, you deserve them – enjoy the moments. Make time for happiness this week.

Card Message: The light of consciousness, harmony, strength and enthusiasm. Allow the light to shine, radiate love, release from the darkness. The chance to give and receive happiness.

Card Back: A channel for the creative communication of the heart. The Light in media communications


Card Front

10 – Wheel of Fortune

You have luck on your side this week. The karma wheel turns in your favour. This also means that certain situations are outside of your control at the moment, but you are where you need to be right now. Just go with the flow and try not resist the change too much

Card Message: The cycles of time, the laws of Karma, cause and effect. New beginnings on all levels. What goes around comes around. Be prepared to change. The potential for great happiness.

Card Back: Go hug a tree.


Card Front

57 – Eight of Swords

8 of Swords shows that you may find yourself feeling restricted, trapped, and alone this week. Your confidence may take a knock too, but what you may not realise is that you are not trapped, its your own inner perceptions and fears that is making you feel this way. Take a long hard look at your current circumstances and see the situations for what they truly are. Realise that you are strong and divinely protected.

Card Message: Indecision. Obtain freedom by releasing old habits. Surrender to love and discover one’s own power.

Card Back: Let go and trust, personal independence.


Card Front

67 – Knight of pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles is all about goals, ambitions and actions. But he moves at his own pace. He believes in being thorough and giving 100% of himself to all he does. Don’t rush into anything, rather take the time and tested route and you’ll enjoy success. Keywords: Methodical, practical, Steady, Reliable, Trusted

Card Message: Solid. Methodical. Persevering and reliable. Work with the resources at hand to succeed.

Card back: Divine Love – Love in the little things. Love divine merged into service


Card Front

72 – Seven of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles is telling you that you can pause for a brief moment to take stock of all your achievements. You have worked so hard and you have achieved so much in your life. Take the time this week to realize all you’ve done. This is a good opportunity to re-evaluate and plan the next steps based on what you’ve already accomplished. Learn from the past and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes again. Be proud of all you’ve achieved but know that true success comes from being consistent and never giving up!

Card Message: Passivity. Look within to make choices. Assess the options. The best rewards may come out of the most difficult situations.

Card Back: The Clown – Pagliacci. Communications and nurturing of inner emotional desires.


Card Front

3 – The Empress

The Empress wants you to be a little bit more gentle with yourself and everything you’re dealing with this week. Take time to love and nurture yourself and those around you. Pay attention to heightened emotions and don’t allow them to rule the day too much.

Card Message: Love and abundance. Change and new beginnings. Healing of the self through optimism and faith. The completion of a cycle. The Earth Mother

Card Back: Heart Bottle/Atlantean Bottle – nurturing communications of the heart.


Card Front

6 – The Lovers

The Lovers is telling you that there are other things to consider in life besides for relationships. Love is very important but not just the love of others around you, but Love of self! You may also find yourself needing to make a decision regarding committement to a relationship or venture this week, and this card is reminding you to consider all options (good and bad) and make a more informed decision – and one that brings balance of Yin/Yang energy into your life. Consider the long-term impact of your decisions rather than the short-term gains!

Card Message: The choice between spiritual and physical/material. Relates to love and sexuality, separation and union. The possibility of fulfilment on all levels. A time to make choices.

Card Back: Energy bottle – the re-energizer and the basic energy for love.


Card Front

28 Nine of Wands

Nine of Wands highlights our thoughts and actions of the past and get us to focus on what is truly important. Look at your life right now and see what it is that you are overly protective over? Are you a little bit too defensive? Try to be honest with yourself in this regard and ask if your current behaviour is truly necessary for this situation? If you are feeling defensive or like everyone is trying to take what is rightfully yours – it may be that they are actually trying to protect you from taking on too much and you’re holding on too tightly

Card Message: The gentle firmness of the feminine. Strength in opposition. The need and ability to stand up for one’s self. Trust in the self.

Card Back: Maid Marion – energy to find one’s own space, pioneering.


Card Front

89 – Strength

Strength tells you that you are stronger than you realise. You may need to dig deep but you can, you will and you must. You may need to take a moral stance, hold your ground or deal very sensitively with someone – but whatever it is, you are capable of tackling anything that you are fearful of right now.

Card Message: Inner Strength. The energy to express love and healing. Sexual and spiritual energies merging to strengthen integrity.

Card Back: Energy Rescue – The Time Shift.


Card Front

41 – Ten of Cups

10 of Cups brings feelings of happiness and joy for you. This week you will enjoy a good balance of life. You have worked so hard and you can enjoy all the fruits of your past efforts. Allow yourself time to enjoy the abundance around you and make sure you acknowledge everything and everyone in your life.

Card Message: Wealth in all forms. Success. Satisfaction. Wishful thinking. Showered by a fountain of love.

Card Back: Wisdom Bottle. The cup runneth over, quintessence of wisdom on all levels.


Card Front

42 – Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups wants you to celebrate a job well done. This is a very positive card and it refers to a completed project and that sometimes we have had to make a compromise before the end. Acknowledge your success and celebrate them this week. A week to complete and celebrate all the things you’ve been putting off for a while now.

Card Message: Happiness. A strong sense of self esteem. An acceptance of self. Need for sensitivity. Wishes do come truel

Card Back: Harvest – Joy. Wisdom. Happiness. Bliss. Awakening.

So however your week pans out, just know that you are loved, supported and that someone cares! You are not alone and there are many who are rooting for you to be happy and successful in everything you do.
With love and blessings,
From me to you,

4 thoughts on “TarotScope 8-14 April 2019

  1. Thank you for these amazing readings Rene, I’m Capricorn and my husband, Don, Aquarius.
    The readings are sp relevant for both of us xx

  2. Thank you Rene…. I resonate with this.. Have been very busy and things are coming together.. Appreciate the time you afford us with your wisdom and guidance. Have a great week.

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