Pick-a-Card 5 April 2019


This week I’m using the Wisdom of the Oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid. This particular deck is one I enjoy working with because its messages are strong and clear. The images on the cards are superb and the creativity within the deck is remarkable.

“Colette Baron-Reid has expertly blended elements of the I-Ching, Norse runes, traditional tarot and other ancient divination tools into a sacred communication system: Wisdom of the Oracle. Imagery of animals, the elements of nature and other potent symbols will touch you deeply so that a soulful dialogue about your life can take place.”

The Wisdom of the Oracle

So for today’s feature, I’ve given the cards a good shuffle and drew 4 cards at random for you. Pay attention to your thoughts, your breath, and your initial reactions when you look at the 4 choices. Let your gut/intuition guide you to pick a card you are most drawn to.

Scroll down to see the card image revealed and to read your message from the Oracle. If you get a message that resonates with you, please feel free to comment here or on Facebook/Instagram, as I love hearing from you.

Scroll down to receive your instant message!

Card 1

Who do you want to be? What do you need to believe in order to have the life you want? You were gifted with the power to imagine. If you can dream it, you can create it. This is the time when your imagination is the key to manifesting the life you desire. Spend time daydreaming, fashioning a vision board to help you see your goals, or meditating. Allow the power of your creativity to deliver images of what feeds your soul. Then allow your feelings to mingle with your inspirations, and imagine these things being real right now. Then repeat. What you imagine will become your belief, and soon you will see these things come to pass in the outer world . . . as if by magic.
Relationship message:
In matters of the heart, it’s easy to daydream about another as a means of connecting to that person. While that’s romantic, if you want this relationship to be real, you need to go for it, not just dream about it. Now is the time to move beyond the daydream and into reality, beyond illusion and into fruition. Relationships are about relating, so step out onto the dance floor where imagination partners with manifestation. The message of this card is that a person with attributes you have imagined will enter your life. You’ll be changed for the better. Imagine that!
Prosperity message:
This is a powerful time to get clear on how you create your prosperity, what it means to you to be prosperous, and what attributes you need to develop in yourself to make things happen. Who do you need to be to live out your dreams? Can you imagine the kind of life you desire—really imagine it, without holding back the sheer force of your powers of creativity? If you can envision it, you can have it. Get ready, for prosperity is waiting for you to claim it now! Act “as if.” Your dreams really will come true.

Card 2

Home feels safe and secure; it’s a comfortable place to rest and create, a place that is known and you can call yours. This card signals that your ability to trust yourself and feel at home in your own skin is beginning to solidify as you claim your dignity and integrity, aspects of yourself no one can take away from you. You know who you are. You hold your head high—yet with neither pride nor humility. Instead, you stand as the observer, seeing through the eyes of your soul. This puts you in a position of power and strength. Authenticity is your home. You are safe here, in the house of your spirit and Spirit.
Relationship message:
Lovers, friends, and companion animals are at home in your life right now. You are in sync and full of love, and you can be secure in the knowledge that it is reciprocated. Relationships elicit a sense of emotional safety, comfort, and the best aspects of familiarity now. Be home in this relationship. Together you add to the love of the world.
Prosperity message:
When you act in an authentic way, you command the world to reflect back to you exactly what is in your highest good. Your business choices, the investments you make, and the creative projects you immerse yourself in are powerfully on-point. Why? Because when you are fully yourself, radically accepting everything in your journey to date—both successes and failures—you will see the divinity in all things. Abundance is a natural progression when you experience this kind of authenticity.

Card 3

Your desires are effortlessly fulfilled now. Find joy in the present moment, whatever is happening, and be satisfied with things as they are. You’re free from the shackles of longing and able to experience the liberation that comes from actually being happy moment to moment, for you have chosen happiness over yearning for it. Now is the time for feeling joy for the sake of joy, and experiencing contentment. None of this is because of something outside yourself. Your happiness is a result of your being at one with Spirit’s plan for your life. All is well. The tide is in for now. Enjoy playfully splashing in it.
Relationship message:
There are moments in a relationship when you just feel good about whom you’re with and you know that your heart is wide open . . . to befriend, to love, and to care for another, without wanting anything in return. This is the kind of “happy” that you just want to share. The appearance of this card in a reading tells you that joy and contentment are here now, not somewhere else or off in the future. The grass is greenest right where you stand. Be grateful and delight in your relationship; and if you’re seeking one, be happy now—happiness attracts more of itself, like bees to honey.
Prosperity message:
This is a time to take pride in your accomplishments. You’re doing good work, providing exceptional service, and are well compensated for it. The world rains gratitude upon you, and you’re happy with the results of your efforts and creativity. Isn’t it amazing to consider all that you have done? Remember your partnership with Spirit in this moment, too. Your soul has always known you could accomplish anything if it brought you joy.

Card 4

You may not consider yourself a creative person, but in fact you are creating your reality every moment of every day via your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, intentions, and actions. Yet you must consider that you do so in partnership with Spirit, Consciousness, God, or whatever name you call your Higher Power. You are a spark of this Intelligence that works through you, nudging you with inspired thought and intuitive guidance. You are a paintbrush that co-creates a beautiful, unique expression of your own individuality blended with universal Spirit. You are a product of Divine inspiration, and now you are aligned with it to create miracles. When you view your life as art, and know you co-create it, only beauty and grace result. Prepare to be amazed.”
Relationship Message:
Connections of the heart serve to inspire you, opening you up to new ideas you would never have come to on your own. You are looking in a mirror held up by this experience and seeing yourself in an unexpected way. Who is this extraordinary being looking back at you? You are going to be so happy that you kept your heart open! Your love is a unique work of art now, the very embodiment of beauty.
Prosperity Message:
Flashes of inspiration give rise to great success when you receive this message. You are at your most creative now, and whatever you apply yourself to will lead to the fruition of your dreams. Remember that all your ideas are channelled from a higher Source. You create your reality in partnership with Spirit. The potential for manifestation is unlimited now. Revel in its vastness. fffffff

I hope you got the message you needed today. Drop me a comment and let me know.
With so much love and an abundance of blessings,

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