TarotScope 25 March 2019

Today I’m using a deck that really speaks to my soul. Its a silhouette deck with simple but strong imagery. When I work with this deck its like I superimpose people over the silhouette image and its so interesting how my intuition reads them.

This deck was created by a creative genius (in my eyes anyway), by the name of Steven Bright. He’s based in the UK and I just adore his work. Such an inspiring creative soul.

I would love to hear how you resonated with this weeks TarotScopes so leave a comment here or on Social Media.

Scroll down to find your Zodiac sign and your corresponding message of guidance for the coming week. Remember, I love hearing from you so feel free to leave a comment down below or on social media


The Magician says its time to organise and clear out your environment. Its time to manage our immediate environment. Make sure you have all your resources gathered and ready, and know in which direction you want to go. You can channel grand visions into realistic manifestations this week.


Nine of Pentacles is such a beautiful card. It tells you that you are enjoying a period of success, joy, happiness and abundance. It also says its ok to enjoy these without feeling guilty. You’ve worked hard for all you have and you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labour.


The Star brings such hope and so many blessings for the coming week. Yes the past few weeks have been tough but that is the past. You are strong enough now to pick yourself up and get going again. Its time to follow your heart and start rebuilding and repairing anything that needs it this week.


You have a head full of ideas and you need to be paying attention. Get a little notebook and write them all down. Then you can sift through them to find the true gems. Your mind is busy, take control and make it work in your favour – don’t let it become a burden to you.


Queen of Swords urges you to be a quick thinker. She’s telling you that this might be a week where you need your wits about you and being more organised, perceptive and independent will get you the win you’re after. Don’t be afraid to be a little bossy this week.


Nine of Wands highlights our thoughts and actions of the past and get us to focus on what is truly important. Look at your life right now and see what it is that you are overly protective over? Are you a little bit too defensive? Try to be honest with yourself in this regard and ask if your current behaviour is truly necessary for this situation? If you are feeling defensive or like everyone is trying to take what is rightfully yours – it may be that they are actually trying to protect you from taking on too much and you’re holding on too tightly.


You have luck on your side this week. The karma wheel turns in your favour. This also means that certain situations are outside of your control at the moment, but you are where you need to be right now. Just go with the flow and try not resist the change too much


5 of Wands often depicts battles and conflict but in an interesting way, because it’s often battle or conflict in general and not particular with you, at you or about you! So this week just be aware of the conflicts that are taking place around you and realise that you are not part of them. You do not need to fix them, get involved or anything. Just slowly step out of the firing line and you’ll see the situation diffuse itself in no time.


Page of Wands asks that you put more attention into learning more about whats going on around you at the workplace. What do you need to pay attention to? What are you missing? Take it slow, be mindful and observant and you’ll get through this week just fine.


5 of Pentacles tells you that sometimes going without is the best thing for you. You may find yourself wanting or needing more this week, but don’t go rushing out to replenish your stocks or your emotions. Rather sit patiently and wait out the storm. You will be fine, you will survive it. The struggles you may be facing are very temporary, but could become more permanent if you grab the wrong option. Patience and Caution are needed.


Eight of Pentacles is a card of hard work & effort. It tells you that you’ve worked hard to achieve all that you have achieved. It wants you to be proud but to also realise that there is more to you and your life than work and work alone. Try to find balance in your daily activies. Productivity, work, precision, self-confidence, skill, handiwork, talent, economy, ommission and proficiency are your keywords for the week.


10 of Wands wants you to know that the hard work is nearly over! You are almost at your intended destination – do not give up! Even if you are totally exhausted and feeling like you just cant… You can, You will and You must! The end is very near and success is yours!

So however your week pans out, just know that you are loved, supported and that someone cares! You are not alone and there are many who are rooting for you to be happy and successful in everything you do.
With love and blessings,
From me to you,

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