TarotScope 18 March 2019

Time (and loadshedding) have been against me recently so today I’ve gone back to one of my all time favourite decks – Legacy of the Divine Tarot. I just love the images, the scene’s it portrays, and the absolute honesty of this glorious deck!

I would love to hear how you resonated with this weeks TarotScopes so leave a comment here or on Social Media.

Scroll down to find your Zodiac sign and your corresponding message of guidance for the coming week. Remember, I love hearing from you so feel free to leave a comment down below or on social media


Queen of Swords urges you to be a quick thinker. She’s telling you that this might be a week where you need your wits about you and being more organised, perceptive and independent will get you the win you’re after. Don’t be afraid to be a little bossy this week.


You may cross swords with an opponent or face a problem that cannot be easily resolved. This is often a card of procrastination, and you’re blind as to which way forward. By all means, take time out to think, but a decision needs to be made, and soon! You need a workable solution, not a perfect one!


This week is a week for truth and accountability. Justice will be given as fairly as possible so just trust in the process. Do whatever you need to and no more, and always present your case as best you can – the rest is out of your hands.


8 of Wands tells you that you are ready and waiting for something to happen… The wheels have been set in motion and all you need to do is wait. Wait for the right moment and when it presents itself, you can leap into action and enjoy all that the opportunity brings to you. Success is yours if you practice a little bit of trust, faith and patience.


7 of Swords is always an interesting card. It shows that we have something we need to do and that we haven’t really given it enough thought. We’ve just started doing and we’re now at a point when we are realising that the objective may be a bit more challenging than we thought. We didn’t think it through very well and now we are facing some challenges. This card is also reminding you that taking some time to think and plan before action would do you well right now.


Seven of Pentacles is telling you that you can pause for a brief moment to take stock of all your achievements. You have worked so hard and you have achieved so much in your life. Take the time this week to realise all you’ve done. This is a good opportunity to re-evaluate and plan the next steps based on what you’ve already accomplished. Learn from the past and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes again. Be proud of all you’ve achieved but know that true success comes from being consistent and never giving up! Reaping rewards, consistency, pride and achievements are your keywords for the week.


The Death card sounds really scary because we are all afraid of dying… but it does not refer to actual life! It refers to situations, circumstances and areas of our life which are stagnant, harsh, ugly and generally no longer serving us well. We want these to change, to die, to end, to stop!! Don’t we? Nothing can last forever in a single form, shape or way. We as humans are forever evolving and so must our situations and circumstances. Death is telling you to let go of whatever is no longer working in your life to make way for new. Its time to allow fresh new opportunities, people, circumstances to enter into your life. Keywords: Ending, Change, Rebirth, Fresh Start


8 of Cups shows that you are ready to look beyond your current horizon. You are finding your current circumstances rather challenging and unfulfilling. Even though it may be scary, just know that this coming change is inevitable and you need to follow your heart and not your head.


The Fool brings new opportunities, new possibilities and new adventures your way. Your past is not affecting you and you are ready to take a giant leap into the glorious unknown that waits for you. This could be a new job, relationship, partnership, hobby, mindset or anything. The timing is perfect for you and you just need to take that first step and the rest will unfold as it needs to. But don’t rush into everything without keeping a clear head…. Caution is always required – think before you leap!


5 of Wands often depicts battles and conflict but in an interesting way, because it’s often battle or conflict in general and not particular with you, at you or about you! So this week just be aware of the conflicts that are taking place around you and realise that you are not part of them. You do not need to fix them, get involved or anything. Just slowly step out of the firing line and you’ll see the situation diffuse itself in no time.


The Tower brings a message of change, of adapting what we have to suit our needs better. It tells us that nothing is perfect and if something isn’t perfect, we shouldn’t accept it as being so. When cracks start to show, it’s a sign that something is going to give in. Be ready for that and go with the flow of it. Don’t resist because then you will cause more harm to yourself than is necessary. Sometimes when a wall collapses we are able to see the beautiful oasis which was just on the other side, hidden by the wall. So don’t get too emotionally upset over the wall – look to see what treasures its revealing to you now. Keywords: Sudden change, Chaos, Release, Rebuild


The Magician says its time to organise and clear out your environment. Its time to manage our immediate environment. Make sure you have all your resources gathered and ready, and know in which direction you want to go. You can channel grand visions into realistic manifestations this week.

So however your week pans out, just know that you are loved, supported and that someone cares! You are not alone and there are many who are rooting for you to be happy and successful in everything you do.
With love and blessings,
From me to you,

2 thoughts on “TarotScope 18 March 2019

  1. Thanks Rene for this, I got 5 of Wands, I will observe from the outside and not get involved! xx

  2. Hi Rene. Thanks so much. 5 of wands is perfect. There have been so many problems cropping up and I end up in the middle. Im relieved that i can take a step back. And its not me.

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