TarotScope 11 March 2019

For this week’s TarotScopes I’m using a new deck that arrived last week – The Patch Tarot. I’ve spent a bit of time getting to know this deck over the last few days and I’m really enjoying it. There is a strong energy with the cards and I just know you’ll get the message you need this week.

This week I drew 13 cards instead of the 12 needed, so I guess we all need an extra card this week. The Patch Tarot comes with a few ‘extra’ cards and the 13th card I drew is one of those…

The appearance of The Way in a reading has one meaning that can be interpreted in various ways. The highest principle is that it is a card of complete trust and faith in that which is beyond our ability to comprehend. In this we have the surrender to the flow that moves through us – we know The Way. To tap into this, the upright key suggests the state of Prayer to be the purest method to open up this channel with the divine, it is a space of silence, so the subtlest of notions from Spirit may come through. Reversed, this card speaks to the state we must embody before and after prayer – complete and total trust. Knowing that no matter what, we are One with Spirit, and we are going to get where we need to go.

I would love to hear how you resonated with this weeks TarotScopes so leave a comment here or on Social Media.

Scroll down to find your Zodiac sign and your corresponding message of guidance for the coming week. Remember, I love hearing from you so feel free to leave a comment down below or on social media


Nine of Wands highlights our thoughts and actions of the past and get us to focus on what is truly important. Look at your life right now and see what it is that you are overly protective over? Are you a little bit too defensive? Try to be honest with yourself in this regard and ask if your current behaviour is truly necessary for this situation? If you are feeling defensive or like everyone is trying to take what is rightfully yours – it may be that they are actually trying to protect you from taking on too much and you’re holding on too tightly. Keywords: Paranoia, Care, Defense, Protection, Territory, Last Stand, Defensiveness, Stamina, Strength, Disposition


The Sun always brings such happiness. It reminds us that all is good in our lives and it wants us to celebrate. Happiness, success, joy and abundance are yours, you deserve them – enjoy the moments. Make time for happiness this week.


The Knight of Swords is a card of action. It’s telling you to charge ahead without giving too much thought on the tiny details. You are ready, you are charged and you can steam ahead with confidence. You have all the knowledge you need to accomplish whatever it is you need to. Your path is clear and unobstructed so this is a good time to make strong headway on projects! Action, strength, and courage are your words for this week.


10 of Pentacles is rewarding you with abundant blessings this week. Be on the lookout for opportunities and success this week. Be open to new possibilities and practice gratitude when it arrives.


The Queen of Pentacles tells you that your week will be full of practical, trustworthy and honest encounters. It is time to just get down to business and to put into motion the ideas and plans. Just one foot in front of the other and you’ll achieve it all.


Six of Wands is all about celebration and recognition of your success! So this week don’t be shy and reserved, stand tall and stand proud. Acknowledge, recognition and pride (without the arrogance) are ‘on the cards’ for you this week. You have worked so hard and everyone is starting to take notice. This does not mean that you have reached the end goal, or that you have completed your projects… No, this means that you need to keep going with the same conviction and vigour and that is where your true success will come from. Keywords for the coming week: Recognition, success, accomplishment, goals and conviction.


The Hierophant is a card of simplicity. A card of realising that the answers we seek are rather simple and uncomplicated. It’s a card of truth and understanding. A card of traditions, order, rules and sometimes even orthodox dogma. This week you need to keep these thoughts and energies close. If you start to feel overwhelmed or confused, just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and ask yourself: “What do I really need to do in this situation?” and if you listen to your own inner wisdom, you’ll find the answer you seek. And you’ll see that its simple, uncomplicated and rather easy.


7 of Swords is always an interesting card. It shows that we have something we need to do and that we haven’t really given it enough thought. We’ve just started doing and we’re now at a point when we are realising that the objective may be a bit more challenging than we thought. We didn’t think it through very well and now we are facing some challenges. This card is also reminding you that taking some time to think and plan before action would do you well right now.


The Chariot is moving, the Chariot is taking you to another place… but you are still in control. You are still responsible for driving your chariot to wherever you want to go. If you find yourself in a place that does not please you, it is probably your own doing because you are the driver! Pay attention to where you’re going – it’s not too late to change direction.


8 of Wands tells you that you are ready and waiting for something to happen… The wheels have been set in motion and all you need to do is wait. Wait for the right moment and when it presents itself, you can leap into action and enjoy all that the opportunity brings to you. Success is yours if you practice a little bit of trust, faith and patience.


You may cross swords with an opponent or face a problem that cannot be easily resolved. This is often a card of procrastination, and you’re blind as to which way forward. By all means, take time out to think, but a decision needs to be made, and soon! You need a workable solution, not a perfect one!


6 of Pentacles often shows that we are so keen and able to help others but often the help we offer is not the help that is needed. Take note of this. Make sure that you are giving the help that will actually help and not just your extras. Bring your focus to what is truly important in your life and in the lives of those around you.

So however your week pans out, just know that you are loved, supported and that someone cares! You are not alone and there are many who are rooting for you to be happy and successful in everything you do.
With love and blessings,
From me to you,

One thought on “TarotScope 11 March 2019

  1. Firstly the card reflecting “the way” talking about prayer is incredible because these were the same messages coming through at church.
    Then my virgo card was spot on my boss alone to me about a possible promotion and how I need to carry on doing what I am doing and finally I am achieving and being g appreciated. It’s really amazing how all of this lines up

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