Pick-a-Card 1 March 2019


This week’s Pick-a-Card has been prepared using the Work Your Light oracle cards by Rebecca Campbell.

This beautiful 44-card oracle deck has been created to help you light up the world with your presence.

If you would like to own your own deck of these cards CLICK HERE. By purchasing from this link I receive a small commission which allows me to purchase new decks to keep bringing you these features.

So for today’s feature, I’ve given the cards a good shuffle and drew 4 cards at random for you. Pay attention to your thoughts, your breath, and your initial reactions when you look at the 4 choices. Let your gut/intuition guide you to pick a card you are most drawn to.

Scroll down to see the card image revealed and to read your message from the Oracle. If you get a message that resonates with you, please feel free to comment here or on Facebook/Instagram, as I love hearing from you.

Scroll down to receive your instant message!

Card 1

You are more held than you could possibly imagine. Loved and cherished so dearly that, if you knew, you would not spend one second of your life in separation, worry or fear. 
Let the Mother carry your burdens; let Her rock away your fears. Lay all of your worries, regrets, shame and guilt on Her altar. Please, please sweet child, do not fear. You are love in motion. If you allow it, you are already healed. Let Her remind you of your goodness. Let Her love away your fears. 
Your capacity to love and hold others is limited to your capacity to love and hold yourself. Be compassionate with your sweet body, mind, and soul. Treat yourself like the beautiful spirit that you truly are. Remind yourself that you are doing your best and try not to carry it all on your own. 
You have got this and the Mother has got you. Let Her broad arms take away your burdens; let Her lift the weight of the world off your shoulders. Forgive yourself, my dear sweet child of the Earth.
How can you Mother yourself?

Card 2

You are being called to heal your family line or free yourself from living the life of your ancestors. This could mean letting go of an old pattern of your maternal or paternal line. Healing trauma from the past that is not even yours or observing old ways of being that no longer serve you. 
We carry emotional trauma in our luminous field for up to seven generations back. This is why family patterns can be the hardest to break. Often, they are not even ours to begin with. But we do not know another way of being and so we continue playing out the drama. 
The thing to notice when ancestral healing comes up is that you cannot heal another person, but your own healing can cause another person to choose to heal. Energy is freed up. You are being guided now to look at your life and decide how you want it to be. What ways of being or patterns are you ready to free yourself from? What part of your future do you want to rewrite? Now is the time to shake them off and dream a new future into being.
What old ways of being from your family line are you ready to let go? Seek assistance from your support team (tribe, friends, healer, coach, etc.) to begin freeing yourself from it now.

Card 3

The Universe is conspiring. Keep facing your true north. Your job is not to pave the path, but to simply keep facing your true north and take one step after another. If you do this, you can’t go wrong. The Universe is conspiring. Don’t waver or doubt. Use your heart as a compass and put one foot in front of the other. If you follow the invisible trail of what lights you up, you will light up the world without even trying.
Most people don’t follow the highest call of their soul because they are waiting to see the end destination before they take the first step. If you take one baby step each day, within a year you will have taken 365 steps in your dedicated direction. If you want to write a book, write a page every day. If you want to change careers, do one thing every day in dedication to that. Before you know it, in just a year from now, you will turn back and look in awe at how far you have journeyed. Keep moving and open yourself up to a whole new level of support and receiving. Things are not going to work out the way you are planning, but if you have a little faith and keep showing up, they will work out even better than you could possibly imagine. Don’t micromanage the Universe, trust your path, and let your soul lead the way.
If you knew you would be supported no matter what, what would you do?

Card 4

You are heaven and Earth in perfect expression. A conduit for the light of the heavens to the Earth. You are the rainbow bridge. 
Take time to meditate. Imagine yourself as a pillar of light connecting the light of the heavens above with the Earth. As the light shines through each of your chakras, you activate the rainbow bridge that many ancient scriptures speak about. Raising your vibration and the vibration of the planet. Linking the higher realms of the cosmos, guides, angels, and spirit with the ancient wisdom keepers and beings of planet Earth. They dance together through you. They sing together through you. Without your body, voice, and creations neither can be expressed. For too long, we’ve been taught that God is outside of us, giving away our power to angels and spirit guides. But without you they do not have a voice. 
You are the oracle. Do not look for guidance outside, for you hold all of the wisdom of the entire Universe in the portal of your heart. In every cell of your body. Do not see the angels and guides as above you, for without you they have no way of communicating. You are the oracle. You are the rainbow bridge. You are the pillar of light.
Hold the card on your heart and say: 
‘I allow the light of the heavens and the light of the Earth to flow through me now. I activate the codes of remembering within my cells and chakras. I activate my system as a rainbow bridge between heaven and Earth.’ 

I hope you got the message you needed today. Drop me a comment and let me know.
With so much love and an abundance of blessings,

2 thoughts on “Pick-a-Card 1 March 2019

  1. Morning Renè I chose no 2, and it reaffirmed a choice I made, but suddenly became worried about the people who I’ll be “letting down”
    ❤❤SO thanks for the affirmation

  2. I think that is among the so much vital information for me. And i am satisfied studying your article. However should remark on some normal things, The website style is great, the articles is in reality great : D. Good task, cheers

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