Interesting energies of 2019

Since returning to work in 2019 I’ve noticed my clients have such an increase in the urgency to make positive changes within their lives. Situations and circumstances may be different, but the common thread/energy is one where changes need to be made – and soon!

There is also a drastic increase in the amount of emotional, and energetic chaos! This can be rather scary!! But… we need to stay focused, we need to breathe through it, and we need to trust that our guides, angels and the universe, has our back! Because it does!

If it wasn’t for the urgency, the choas, the struggles; most of us wouldn’t make any changes! So that is why the screws are being tightened right now. To force us to make changes that are necessary to ensure that we live a better life.

So instead of falling victim to your fear, rather work through it. Take out a piece of paper, write down all your current worries, stresses, and anxiety triggers. Then look at them and ask yourself if they really are important ‘right now’…

Once you’ve marked off those that are not critically important ‘right now’, your list should be much smaller, more manageable, and you’ll notice that your shoulders have dropped, and the stress may have subsided a little. Before you do anything else, go hug your children, your husband, drink or eat something tasty, and just breathe for 5 minutes… Then you can come back to your list and see how best to tackle it.

And how do you tackle it? One item at a time…. and sometimes by just looking at it with fresh eyes you will realise that its going to be ok… The sun will shine again tomorrow and you will be fine!

If this still doesn’t help you! If you are still feeling like you’re drowning, then why dont you think about scheduling an appointment with me. I will help you to see the light, I will help you see your way through the dark clouds and I will be your friend and mentor, holding your hand until you are through to the other side.

With so much love and an abundance of blessings,
From me to you,

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