TarotScope 11 Feb 2019

Its VALENTINES week!! So I just had to dig out my LOVE Tarot for this week’s TarotScopes. These are not your typical Tarot cards as they only have the Major Arcana cards in them. I’ve also not used my own interpretations but rather the interpretations directly from the Guidebook. There are two readings for each sign of the zodiac – one for those who are currently in a relationship, and another for those who are not. I hope you get the awesome message you need this week.

The Love Tarot reveals the messages of love that are inherent in every card, whether familial, platonic, passionate, or romantic, and so is written just with love in mind. By consulting these cards you are making space for your feelings and generating an attitude of self-respect, which benefits all of your relationships.

So lets jump straight in and look at what energy we have to deal with for this coming week, and please feel free to comment and let me know if it resonates with you.


In a relationship: Your patience may be tested by a partner’s powerful convictions that threaten to get out of hand. Rather than match this passion, go for restraint, not retaliation. This card can also indicate an internal conflict, when you feel torn between two courses of action, one of which appeals to your wild side.

If you are looking for love: You may need to hold back from, or calm, a possible affair which, should you make a move, threatens to overpower you. Rather than be consumed by the fantasy of an obsession, wait a while. Befriending your strengths and weaknesses will empower you to find love.


In a relationship: You can make your love magical because you can see the potential in your partnership. Together, you have companionship, trust, and passion, and this realization leads you to a new way of living. From travelling the world to a joint business venture, your shared dreams can take shape.

If you are looking for love: Your circumstances are perfect for meeting a partner, as a shared creative interest brings you closer to a garrulous, inventive individual who may live by his/her own wits. A friend may become a lover, overnight.


In a relationship: The Star shines on you and your partner as you enjoy a time of happiness as your relationship grows. You are able to care for one another unselfishly and the energy between you flows. This is also a time to enjoy a period of serenity, and perhaps a special gift.

If you are looking for love: You have hope in your heart. Someone seen from afar inspires you with pure love, leading you toward a new relationship and fulfilling creative work. Your Star may also be a mentor who rekindles your spirituality.


In a relationship: Looking back upon a present relationship brings feelings of satisfaction as you realise that you have made the right decisions in love. This assessment of your time together strengthens a special bond.

If you are looking for love: Judgement brings beginnings and endings, presenting you with second chances and fresh starts in love. You may feel drawn to a friend who becomes a lover, or a former partner comes back into your life.


In a relationship: A long-term partnership comes under attack and may fall, but there is a little you can do but surrender. When the shock abates, you may even find a sense of release and liberation, perceiving a divine logic at work.

If you are looking for love: Your personal values come under attack as you realise your lifestyle is no longer sustainable. This is a blow to your ego; however, you will learn from the experience, and find a way to approach love without defensiveness.


In a relationship: The Chariot highlights sex and relationships, so can indicate the need for sexual harmony with your partner. By genuinely taking time to communicate you can move forward in your relationship. Your penchant for adventure may see you taking a literal journal together, too.

If you are looking for love: This is a great time for meeting action-driven people possibly connected with travelling. As events speed up, you will enjoy increased energy and, perhaps, a passionate encounter.


In a relationship: The Empress brings a precious gift: genuine love and the development of a relationship. Love grows and with it – commitment, so your love for your partner deepens, or grows literally with a pregnancy.

If you are looking for love: There is potential everywhere for love, should you truly seek it. This is also a time to enjoy fulfilling relationships with close friends and family members.


In a relationship: If you have suffered mistreatment in a recent relationship you can look forward to a successful outcome, such as an appropriate divorce settlement. In a broader sense, your past actions will be validated, perhaps by the court, but certainly before those who matter to you the most.

If you are looking for love: If you use serial dating as a way to avoid intimacy you may miss out on love as your light-hearted attitude is mistaken for disinterest. It is time to tell the truth about your feelings.


In a relationship: The Hermit brings solitude, but you will not turn away from a loving relationship forever; for a time you turn inward and gravitate toward self-love by exploring your heart and mind. This inner journey may heal any blocks to intimacy with your partner.

If you are looking for love: If a relationship has ended recently, The Hermit reveals that you will need time for healing, often away from familiar surroundings. You travel, literally or mentally, to find yourself.


In a relationship: You may need to reassess your relationship if loyalty, or lack of it, has been a recent issue. However, the Faith card shows a positive outcome and maybe a commitment, such as a wedding or moving in with your partner. You may give or receive a love token as a sign of your faith in one another.

If you are looking for love: Although you may have long ago given up on the idea that your perfect match exists, there is someone out there just for you. A kind-hearted person restores your self-belief and faith in others.


In a relationship: The Devil can reveal a secret affair or obsession. You may be shackled to the fantasy of love when in truth your connection is based only on lust. Regardless of your conscience, you are seriously tempted to opt for pleasure.

If you are looking for love: If you long for excitement and distraction rather than love, particularly if you have recently left a relationship, you may momentarily rebel against your usual type in favour of darker charm. You know he/she is bad, but you have to have them. Keep your perspective, or keep away.


In a relationship: You will need to look at a problem from an entirely different angle, which may mean discarding a dream or revising your expectations of a relationship. You may take valuable time out, finding emotional replenishment with friends and family.

If you are looking for love: If you are playing a waiting game just now, you can hang around in limbo or, more positively, use your senses to explore your spiritual self. Your perspective on love may change for the better.

So however your week pans out, just know that you are loved, supported and that someone cares! You are not alone and there are many who are rooting for you to be happy and successful in everything you do.
With love and blessings,
From me to you,

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