Pick-a-Card 8 Feb 2019

Today I’m using the Ask Your Guides Oracle deck by Sonia Choquette. This card deck is designed to help strengthen and enhance your sixth sense and help you access Divine help in your day-to-day life. Each of the cards presents an emotion, issue, or situation; and then offers personal guidance from your Higher Self; your angels, your spirit guides, and helpers.

If you would like to own your own deck of these cards CLICK HERE. By purchasing from this link I receive a small commission which allows me to purchase new decks to keep bringing you these features.

So for today’s feature, I’ve given the cards a good shuffle and drew 4 cards at random for you. Pay attention to your thoughts, your breath, and your initial reactions when you look at the 4 choices. Let your gut/intuition guide you to pick a card you are most drawn to.

Scroll down to see the card image revealed and to read your message from the Oracle. If you get a message that resonates with you, please feel free to comment here or on Facebook/Instagram, as I love hearing from you.

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Card 1

Your Guardian Angels are present, alerting you to the fact that all isn’t as it appears; something is off and you may be in danger. Pay close attention to what’s going on around you, as well as what’s going on within you. You’ll soon notice that bad vibes are in the air. They signal that someone is potentially able to exploit or manipulate you in some way, so be on the alert, and trust your vibes if things don’t feel right. “It’s hard to believe,” you say. “That can’t be!” But your Guardian Angels remind you that treachery and deceit are subtle and difficult to see. After all, no one wants to believe that someone might hurt them.
Sometimes it’s a deliberate attempt to injure, but more often it’s an act of self-protection at your expense. It may show up in your co-worker’s failure to inform you that the project deadline has changed, or your mother withholding the fact that your father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, or even your own neglect to tell your mate that you’ve overspent this month and can’t pay the bills.
Deceit and manipulation need not be maliciously intended to occur or to be damaging. Often it’s just the result of thoughtlessness or fear. Your Guardian Angels urge you to trust your vibes completely when it comes to your suspicions of others. Also, equally scrutinize your own deceptions. Either case leads to dead ends and disappointing outcomes. Ask your Guardian Angels to protect you from the deceit of others and your own temptation to deceive. Have the courage and integrity to be honest. Your Guardian Angels’ message: “We will watch over you.”

Card 2

Our culturally perverse notion that “doing, doing, doing” is the correct use of time, and that “doing nothing” is a complete waste of time, has indeed made us a sick society. Your overwhelming desire to back off from this whirlwind of activity and take a break-even throw in the towel altogether-isn’t crazy or unrealistic. It’s a direct summons from the Holy Spirit to withdraw your attention from the outer world and reconnect with your soul. Your life is not to be frittered away in meaningless and unexamined activity. You came in with a purpose, and specific soul intentions that are being neglected. They’re now knocking at the door of your attention, reminding you that you have commitments to keep. If you don’t heed this call and begin to self-examine, you may even enter a dark night of the soul, a time where nothing feels meaningful.
Listen to the Holy Spirit and open your heart to its direction. Take lots of time to be alone, and get in touch with your soul. Write in a journal, seek counseling, and pray. Allow yourself to be in direct contact with the guiding wisdom of the Holy Spirit on a daily basis. Withdrawing from the world-whether through contemplation, meditation, or even an sabbatical-is the most powerful way to use your time right now. The Holy Spirit is guiding you in your quiet moments. Its message: “Make time for yourself.”

Card 3

You’re in the delicate process of learning how to properly balance the flow of give-and-take in your personal relationships, and it’s time to evaluate how you’re doing. Are you giving too much, leaving you resentful and angry? Or are you withholding when you could give more, leaving you feeling guilty and defensive? Your Divine Teachers can help you learn to how to better align your relationships so that you neither give nor take too much as a means of controlling others. They counsel you to be honest about your motivations when dealing with others; you know in your heart of hearts what drives your interest in them.
Do you give with a secret agenda of “you owe me”? Do you create dependency in and control over others with your kindness? Or do you withhold for fear that you might be taken advantage of, keeping people guessing about your motives and your intentions? Your Divine Teachers are on hand to help you answer these question. They lovingly assure you that relationships are the most difficult of all spiritual classrooms, and the lessons of proper give-and-take are the most difficult of skills to learn.
Have compassion for yourself as you seek balance with others. Ask your Divine Teachers to help you become more aware of how you give and receive in all relationships, not just the romantic kind. Their message to you: “There’s no difference between giving and receiving love.”

Card 4

Whether because of a sudden change of circumstance or long-held patterns of lack, you may find yourself feeling overly concerned about your finances and security right now. You might be worrying that there won’t be enough to meet your needs, so you’re trying to conserve every penny. Your fears may even cause you to unconsciously seek others to reassure you or guarantee your needs in some way. The trouble with allowing these fears to take over is that your insecurity will be felt by others and they will step back, fearful of being “used” for your security, creating a cycle of even more deprivation. This circle of fear and lack dries up the “well of prosperity” even further.
Happily, your Prosperity Guides are here to help you reverse this vibration. They inform you that hoarding or withholding in any way goes against the Divine flow of the Universe, and it’s the opposite of what’s called for to create prosperity. The Universal laws of prosperity state that we receive what we give: The Universe does not lack; lack only exists in our minds. The true source of poverty is an indication that we’ve disconnected from your Divine Source, which causes low self-esteem. This is the true source of lack in any area of life, whether it’s money, comfort, security, or even love.
To get back into the flow of things, your Prosperity Guides urge you to reconnect to the Source by being generous in all ways. Any stingy tendencies, even with yourself, only keep you cut you off from Divine supply. Reclaim your self-esteem by recognizing that you’re a trust-fund baby of the Universe–your needs will be met easily if you open your heart to receiving the Universe’s gifts. Connect to this flow by sharing what you can: A smile, a compliment, your assistance, your time. Your Prosperity Guides’ message: “Tap in to the abundance of the Universe by sharing your heart.”

2 thoughts on “Pick-a-Card 8 Feb 2019

  1. Card no 4, as you know I’m usually drawn to at least 2 cards, but today only the one, (4) it is spot on for my current situation.
    Love Emma

  2. Card no 3 – thanks Rene, I was drawn to no 1 as well bit then chose no 3 which is so relevant for me.
    Love Rose

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