TarotScope 28 Jan 2019

This week I’m using another new deck I received. This deck was created by an inspirational woman by the name of Kristen who runs Over The Moon Academy. I’ve been following her for some time now and have been eyeing this deck of hers for ages. In October I pushed the button and ordered the deck. It only arrived last week which goes to show how slow our postal system is – but I’m not complaining because it ARRIVED!!!

This deck has been put together using everyday photo’s to depict their messages and I must say – I LOVE IT!! The images make understanding the cards so easy, so straight forward, and so insightful. Even for those of you who may not be familiar with Tarot, you’ll understand your message when looking at your card this week.

But just in case we take our eye off the ball, lets look at what energy we have to deal with for this coming week.


Nine of Wands highlights our thoughts and actions of the past and get us to focus on what is truly important. Look at your life right now and see what it is that you are overly protective over? Are you a little bit too defensive? Try to be honest with yourself in this regard and ask if your current behaviour is truly necessary for this situation? If you are feeling defensive or like everyone is trying to take what is rightfully yours – it may be that they are actually trying to protect you from taking on too much and you’re holding on too tightly. Keywords: Paranoia, Care, Defense, Protection, Territory, Last Stand, Defensiveness, Stamina, Strength, Disposition


The Sun always brings such happiness. It reminds us that all is good in our lives and it wants us to celebrate. Happiness, success, joy and abundance are yours, you deserve them – enjoy the moments. Make time for happiness this week.


Temperance is all about balance. And when this card comes up it tells you that its time you brought balance into your life. You are putting too much effort into one aspect of yourself and not enough effort into others. Bringing balance into all you do is most important for you this week.


The Hierophant is a card of simplicity. A card of realising that the answers we seek are rather simple and uncomplicated. It’s a card of truth and understanding. A card of traditions, order, rules and sometimes even orthodox dogma. This week you need to keep these thoughts and energies close. If you start to feel overwhelmed or confused, just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and ask yourself: “What do I really need to do in this situation?” and if you listen to your own inner wisdom, you’ll find the answer you seek. And you’ll see that its simple, uncomplicated and rather easy.


Ace of Cups is all about new relationships. When we say relationships we don’t only mean love relationships. This week will be about making new connections, meeting people who can make a positive difference in your world. So get out there and allow these new opportunities to come your way. Be open to meeting new people.


King of Wands knows exactly what to do, how to do it, and when it should be done. The King is all about delegation and fulfilling the vision. Be authentic and true to yourself, your quest/vision and your goals and you will enjoy success this week. Don’t be afraid, nervous, and make sure you don’t show any signs of doubt. Taking control of all you do will lead you to success. Keywords: Leadership, Business, Confidence, Delegation


The Moon indicates a time of uncertainty. A time where you may need to climb out of your comfort zone and face the truth. Time of reflection and facing your fears. You need to look deep within your own heart & soul to find your own truth. Don’t be afraid because if you do this, your rewards will be big.


Eight of Pentacles is a card of hard work & effort. It tells you that you’ve worked hard to achieve all that you have achieved. It wants you to be proud but to also realise that there is more to you and your life than work and work alone. Try to find balance in your daily activities. Productivity, work, precision, self-confidence, skill, handiwork, talent, economy, commission and proficiency are your keywords for the week.


5 of Wands often depicts battles and conflict but in an interesting way, because it’s often battle or conflict in general and not particular with you, at you or about you! So this week just be aware of the conflicts that are taking place around you and realise that you are not part of them. You do not need to fix them, get involved or anything. Just slowly step out of the firing line and you’ll see the situation diffuse itself in no time.


Page of Swords wants you to slow down and be more prepared. Try to understand exactly what is expected of you before jumping into action. Rather take the time to learn, study and truly understand any situation before you start anything new. Diving straight in will lead to a few bumps and bruises this week. 


The High Priestess often talks about our Intuition and our Inner Knowing. Not all information comes from books and experience, and sometimes we just have to listen to the little voice inside our heads which is heeding us a warning or guiding us along our path. If your gut feelings are strong right now, it will do you well to listen. Take time to quieten the noise and just listen – tune in your intuition.


Page of Cups tells us that we are not feeling very emotionally confident at the moment. Emotions are running high, and even if you are feeling excited and confident, courage is lacking. You may also be a little bit sensitive right now. Realise that this is just part of the learning and the lesson is going well. You are understanding as you should be and You are free to experience without worry about failure. Keywords: Emotional, Sensitive, Kindness to self and others, Inspiration, Intimacy, Curiosity

So however your week pans out, just know that you are loved, supported and that someone cares! You are not alone and there are many who are rooting for you to be happy and successful in everything you do.
With love and blessings,
From me to you,

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