Farewell friend

Have you ever heard the saying that life can change in an instant? Have you experienced it first hand? How one event, often a simple one such as receiving a text, call or seeing a post on Facebook, can change your mood, your thoughts and even your outlook!

Well I had that happen to me this morning. I was busy working on some ideas, and was in a creative mood, when suddenly I saw a post on Facebook to say that a dear friend has passed away this morning. I must admit that this friend and I were not close, we didn’t call each other daily (or even weekly), and I actually didn’t have interaction with her over the last year or so – but, I did love her!

I’m sad that she is gone, I’m sad that she is no longer with us, and I’m heartbroken for her son and her family who are now having to process and deal with the loss of someone significant in their lives. But this made me start thinking, thinking about my interactions with her, and the fact that we didn’t keep in regular communications with each other, and I starting asking if this was wrong. Did this make me a bad person? Did I make a mistake somehow?

What Spirit showed me was that its ok! It’s ok to feel the guilt, the sorrow, the pain, and to experience the terrible loss, but we must not start beating ourselves up about it. We must not stay in that dark sad space of guilt! There is nothing to be guilty about! Yes, once upon a time we were close, once upon a time we looked forward to seeing each other and having a laugh, but then (for whatever reason), our lives went in different directions, and we became a little bit distant from each other. But this did not mean that our fondness/love for each other was less or somehow insignificant.

So today, as I ponder this sad news, and as I ponder whether I’m a bad friend or not, please dont wait until its too late. Go through your phone and reach out and say HI to someone who you’ve maybe lost touch with, and who, once upon a time, was a good friend to you. Dont let another day pass without saying Hi…

Saying hi isn’t a commitment and isn’t going to force you to see them, and its certainly not going to make you change your future plans… But it may just make a positive difference in your life and it will definitely make a positive difference in the life of your friend. Maybe we should do this on a regular basis, reach out and say HI to an old friend once a week, and remember the good times! Doing this may open doors, may close some, and will definitely attract more special moments and special people into your life!

So today, I say farewell to a dear friend. I will remember her laugh, her hugs, her wit, her inner strength, her conviction, her integrity and her inner goddess! I am grateful for the times we shared. I’m so grateful that her suffering on this earth is over and that she is now free of all her earthly burdens. She is now free to soar and free to love! Fly high my friend, until we meet again….

In memory of my dear friend Helen

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