Pick a Card – 21 Dec 2018

I’m continuing with the method I started last week, and today I’m offering you 4 individually inspired messages. These are inspired by me (well actually from my Guides), and are not just the usual Oracle/Tarot cards with textbook interpretations.

So all you need to do is to close your eyes… slow down your breathing… clear your mind… and, when you are ready, open your eyes… then notice which card you are most drawn to…. Scroll down to find your card and your message.

21 Dec.png

If your message resonated with you today, please consider sharing the link for your friends so that they may receive a message too – Thank You! 

It is necessary to clean up, tidy up and pack things away. We dont have to carry our burdens around with us all the time. Just because you put your “stuff” into the cupboard doesn’t mean its not longer important to you. You also need to know that there is hope, there is a light of positivity and happiness shining just for you but be aware that if you keep prodding and pushing at certain circumstances, you will get bitten. So tidy up, pack away your troubles and enjoy the shining light for a bit… Tomorrow you can deal with whats in the cupboard.


Listen to your body right now. It is exhausted, tired, stressed and ready for a much deserved break. There is definitely something brewing under the surface which you need to acknowledge and understand.

You need to rest, you need to take a break from all the stress and worry. Allow your physical self to catch up with your emotional & mental self. You are strong, you can do it. But listen to your body – it knows what is best.

The universe is actually quite simple… Yes its big, yes its vast, and yes there are many things happening there that we dont quite know of or understand… but… in all honesty, its fairly simple and uncomplicated in its existence – it just IS! This is the message for you today – your life does not have to be complicated, its actually quite simple. Get back to basics, keep everything simple and you’ll be surprised at how quickly situations turn for the better. There may even be a pleasant surprise for you in the activity too.

Life is full of simple pleasures, especially at this time of the year. Everyone is looking forward to closing the chapter of 2018 and opening the new one for 2019. So you are urged to take time out to enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer you right now. Even if that is just time with loved ones, your favourite milkshake, a walk on the beach or anything that brings simple joy into your life. Make a promise to yourself to take this time out for YOU before too long. Enjoying 5 minutes of simple pleasures is like pushing the reset button on your energy levels!

This will be my last Pick a Card feature for 2018! I will be back at work from the 7th January so your next Pick-a-Card will be the 11th January 2019!

Have a wonderful festive season and may you and your family be blessed in many ways!

With love and an abundance of blessings, Rene

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