TarotScope 17 – 23 Sept 2018

This week I’m using the Good Tarot. This deck focuses only on the good and positive and does not allow any negativity. Isn’t that just wonderful? I tend to be like that as well which is why I enjoy this deck so much.

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17 Sept F.png

Aries: Your week will be good, you’ll enjoy good relationships, good activities and good feelings. You are generous, kind and caring and you are being rewarded for your kind and gentle nature.

Taurus: Three of Pentacles indicates a time when you must learn new skills and demonstrate your ability to use these skills. This could be in any area of your life. You need to show everyone exactly what you have mastered over the last while. Stand firm and confident in all you’ve achieved and don’t be afraid to ‘show off’ a little.

Gemini: A week to learn to trust self! Whenever you need to know anything, quieten your busy mind and listen to your inner wisdom – you’ll find all the answers you seek there.

Cancer: This week may be a week of having to ‘go it alone’. Don’t fret, you have support if you need it. Just look beyond the constraints of your mind and you’ll find it but the truth is, you really don’t need anyone – you’re stronger than you realise and you can!

Leo: This week may feel like you’re just putting out fires or handling one thing after another. Don’t allow despair to control you because you are actually in a very good position to handle whatever comes your way.

Virgo: You may experience some grief and sadness this week and just allow it flow. Don’t hide your true emotions. A good week to work on forgiveness – of self and others.

Libra: This week is all about reaching the end of a long and hard road. You are feeling the strains of the last few days, weeks and months. You now need to pick a new road and you can pick an easier road than the last. The struggle is behind you now.

Scorpio: Your week will be full of practical, trustworthy and honest encounters. Its time to just get down to business and to put into motion the ideas and plans. Just one foot in front of the other and you’ll achieve it all.

Sagittarius: Take time to think and plan before charging into action this week. It’s important to know what steps are needed. This is not a good week to ‘wing’ it.

Capricorn: A week to celebrate and enjoy all that you’ve achieved. Gather your friends and your family and let them enjoy the moment with you. A good week to network and connect with others.

Aquarius: You have luck on your side this week. The karma wheel turns in your favour. This also means that certain situations are outside of your control at the moment but you are where you need to be right now.

Pisces: A good week to pursue your passions and to get things moving in your life. Make the changes you’ve been thinking about – don’t hold back this week.

Have a wonderful week friends,
Until next week,
With love and blessings,

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