TarotScope 3 – 9 Sept 2018

This week I’m using the Osho Zen Tarot. This deck has some interesting differences from the standard traditional deck. The images are really vibrant, their meanings are quite clear and their messages are very on point!

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3 Sept.png

Aries: Sometimes we find ourselves thinking about the past, wondering how things might have turned out. This week you may find yourself having the same thoughts. Don’t get caught up in these thoughts or ideas as they wont serve you well.

Taurus: This week may be a week of having to ‘go it alone’. Don’t fret, you have support if you need it. Just look beyond the constraints of your mind and you’ll find it but the truth is, you really don’t need anyone – you’re stronger than you realise and you can!

Gemini: This week brings you hope and so many blessings. Yes the past few weeks have been tough but that is the past. You are strong enough now to pick yourself up and get going again. Its time to follow your heart and start rebuilding and repairing anything that needs it this week.

Cancer: You might find yourself feeling totally exhausted and like you just cant take on any more but don’t give up. The finish line and success is right in front of you. Keep going and you’ll reach it!

Leo: You will find yourself full of energy, enthusiasm and excitement this week. You are more motivated than ever before so it’s a good time to tackle difficult tasks or projects or even to start something new.

Virgo: This week may feel like you’re just putting out fires or handling one thing after another. Don’t allow despair to control you because you are actually in a very good position to handle whatever comes your way.

Libra: This week you may find yourself having to make some tough decisions. Don’t turn your back on this and certainly don’t make the same mistakes as you’ve done previously. Its time to evaluate and address what is truly important in your life.

Scorpio: This week you will find yourself learning and experiencing new adventures. Don’t be afraid to get involved and to try new methods. This will open new doors for you.

Sagittarius: You may need to climb out of your comfort zone and face a different reality this week. It’s a time of reflection and facing your fears. You need to look deep within your own heart & soul to find your own truth. Dont be afraid because if you do this, your rewards will be big.

Capricorn: Even 9 months of pregnancy eventually comes to an end. Endings are not always bad but this week you will see your share of them. What do you need to let go of in order to move forward? Don’t be afraid and don’t let yourself get stuck in a reality that no longer serves you.

Aquarius: This week your focus needs to be on balance. Don’t try to be everything to everyone this week but rather focus on what is truly important in your life. Making this compromise will serve you well and will bring good fortune into your life.

Pisces: You may be facing a week of changes, challenges and a few surprises. Just go with the flow this week, don’t hold on too tightly to anything. Not all changes are scary and who knows, you may be in for a pleasant surprise when the dust settles.

Have a wonderful week friends,
Until next week,
With love and blessings,

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