TarotScope 27 Aug – 2 Sept 2018

This week I’m using my Wild Unknown Tarot. This is a very interesting deck and often one that makes me climb out of my comfort zone and really pay attention. The imagery and graphics cause us to rethink our initial ideas and thoughts. The whole deck just seems to make me pay attention. Even though the graphics are fairly simple, the depth to the pictures and the detail is amazing!

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27 Aug 2018.png

Aries: The Two of Wands is a card of balance, decisions, authority, power and persuasiveness. You are stronger than you realise and you are encouraged to take matters into your own hands and to make decisions that suit you! Be confident in all you do this week and trust in your own inner courage and understanding. You could find yourself collaborating with others, collaborate means equal partnership, so ensure that you are speaking your mind, sharing your thoughts and ideas and being heard. Choices are simple this week because you have all the necessary information at your fingertips – you just need the courage to go forward and bring action to the thoughts.

Taurus: Ace of Cups is all about new relationships. When we say relationships, we don’t only mean love relationships. This week will be about making new connections, meeting people who can make a positive difference in your world. So get out there and allow these new opportunities to come your way. Be open to meeting new people.

Gemini: The Magician says its time to organise and clear out your environment. Its time to manage our immediate environment. Make sure you have all your resources gathered and ready, and know in which direction you want to go. You can channel grand visions into realistic manifestations this week.

Cancer: The Star brings such hope and so many blessings for the coming week. Yes the past few weeks have been tough but that is the past. You are strong enough now to pick yourself up and get going again. Its time to follow your heart and start rebuilding and repairing anything that needs it this week

Leo: The High Priestess often talks about our Intuition and our Inner Knowing. Not all information comes from books and experience, and sometimes we just have to listen to the little voice inside our heads which is heeding us a warning or guiding us along our path. If your gut feelings are strong right now, it will do you well to listen. Take time to quieten the noise and just listen – tune in your intuition.

Virgo: The Knight of Swords is a card of action. It’s telling you to charge ahead without giving too much thought on the tiny details. You are ready, you are charged and you can steam ahead with confidence. You have all the knowledge you need to accomplish whatever it is you need to. Your path is clear and unobstructed so this is a good time to make strong headway on projects!

Libra: Three of Pentacles indicates a time when you must learn new skills and demonstrate your ability to use these skills. This could be in any area of your life. You need to show everyone exactly what you have mastered over the last while. Stand firm and confident in all you’ve achieved and don’t be afraid to ‘show off’ a little.

Scorpio: Two of Cups talks of partnerships and relationships. So the focus for you is on your connection/relationship to others. Nurture the relationships you have with others and you’ll achieve all that you set out to.

Sagittarius: Queen of Swords is all about quick, sharp thinking in order to gain clarity and understanding about self and others. Nurture your thoughts and make sure you understand them, their motivations and outcomes before acting on any of them this week. Take time to pause, think and reflect before charging into action.

Capricorn: 6 of Cups is a card about reminiscing, remembering and thinking about the past. You may find yourself looking at your current situation and comparing it to your past. We know that our past is what created our present and we also know that we cannot go back to the past to make any adjustments. The only adjustments you can make is right here, today and now! So instead of pondering the past, rather get into the NOW and make adjustments this week that will allow you to have an amazing future!

Aquarius: 8 of Swords is an interesting card, it tells us that how we are perceiving our reality is actually quite far from the truth. It forces us to face our fears and to realise that our fears only exist in our minds. When we realise this, that which was holding us back, suddenly strengthens us and helps us to move forward. Take a long hard look at your current circumstances and see where you are feeling trapped, ask yourself what you are afraid of? Is your fear the same as your reality?

Pisces: Ace of Swords is a really powerful card to get. It talks of potential, great and powerful potential. Ideas being formed, plans being made and success being mapped out. It doesn’t refer to actions and things actually getting done, just the ideas and the thoughts which will lead to the actions being carried out. Don’t allow yourself to get too confident or sure of yourself, try to stay grounded so that your ideas and plans are practical and detailed – that’s the secret to success for you this week.

Have a wonderful week friends,
Until next week,
With love and blessings,

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