TarotScope 20 – 26 Aug 2018

This week I’m using the Gilded Tarot. This is my ‘goto’ deck. The deck I use during my readings (when I do use cards). This deck is also a favourite of mine for teaching Tarot. I find the imagery and colours modern without losing their traditional values.

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20 Aug 2018.png


Aries: 8 of Pentacles is all about hard work, diligence, and putting effort into all you do. So I’m sure you can see what your theme for the week is going to be? You are doing well, but keep up the hard work. Don’t slack off, others are starting to notice and appreciate all you do. Keep going and you’ll enjoy a successful week.

Taurus: Knight of Wands refers to change taking place rather quickly. So if you’re thinking about doing anything different, this would be a good week to get those plans in motion. Dont hesitate too much.

Gemini: Two of Cups talks of partnerships and relationships. So the focus for you is on your connection/relationship to others. Nurture the relationships you have with others and you’ll achieve all that you set out to.

Cancer: Justice often arrives when we are facing a tough decision or outcome of a situation. Justice tells you that “justice will be served” and that the truth will come out. You need to know that Justice will be given fairly – even if you’re not on the winning side. It is also telling you that it is very important to remain objective this week, especially if you are needing or wanting to make a decision. Do not let those decisions be clouded by your own personal agenda. Try to stay neutral and unemotional and you will make the right decision for you!

Leo: The Hermit is a card of solitude and introspection. The Hermit wants you to trust and believe in yourself and to realise that you don’t really need anyone else. You can do this alone! But please don’t rush into any new projects this week. Rather spend time alone with your thoughts and ideas to ensure that they are really in line with what you truly want for yourself this week.

Virgo: 3 of Wands talks of a decision taken and possible panic that may have settled in related to the decision. But you are urged to not allow the panic to settle because you’ve done good. Your decision was a good one and it will work out for you – just be a little patient. So this week, if you find yourself making a decision without having all the facts, trust in yourself, trust in your own inner intuition and it will all work out well.

Libra: Knight of Cups is all about being gallant, sensitive and yet strong. Your charm is your strength this week so use it to your advantage. It may just get you out of a few tight spots. But don’t allow this charm to become arrogance or to make you too sure of yourself. Try to keep balance in your emotions and actions this week. Poetry and romance are wonderful but too much can make you appear shallow and false. So use your charm and courage wisely and you’ll get through the week just fine.

Scorpio: 10 of Pentacles is rewarding you with abundant blessings this week. Be on the lookout for opportunities and success this week. Be open to new possibilities and practice gratitude when it arrives.

Sagittarius: Temperance is all about balance. And when this card comes up it tells you that its time you brought balance into your life. You are putting too much effort into one aspect of yourself and not enough effort into others. Bringing balance into all you do is most important for you this week.

Capricorn: Seven of Pentacles is telling you that you can pause for a brief moment to take stock of all your achievements. You have worked so hard and you have achieved so much in your life. Take the time this week to realise all you’ve done. This is a good opportunity to re-evaluate and plan the next steps based on what you’ve already accomplished. Learn from the past and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes again. Be proud of all you’ve achieved but know that true success comes from being consistent and never giving up!

Aquarius: 8 of Cups shows that you are ready to look beyond your current horizon. You are finding your current circumstances rather challenging and unfulfilling. Even though it may be scary, just know that this coming change is inevitable and you need to follow your heart and not your head.

Pisces: 6 of Pentacles is a really interesting card. It is a card of charity and of giving to others. It wants you to share yourself, your talents and abilities and your resources with those who need it the most. But it does come with a little warning saying that we need to be mindful of what is needed and not just give whatever we have an abundance of. This week you are urged to really listen to the requests of others and make sure you fully understand what they are asking you before you give your resources away.

Have a wonderful week friends,
Until next week,
With love and blessings,

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