TarotScope 18-24 June

I’ve been reading the Tarot for many years now and even though I dont use them when doing readings for clients, I really enjoy using them for my TarotScopes and my Daily video’s I do. The Tarot give such detailed messages and I love how the different decks have different thoughts and emotions about them.

Last week I received another new Tarot Deck. Its The Wild Unknown Tarot deck. I’ve been looking at this one for a while now as its quite popular, and its imagery aroused some interesting emotions within my soul – so I just had to have it! I cant say I’m dissapointed. This deck is deep…. Its images are simple but they say so much. I found playing with them that I was questioning so much about myself and I’m so glad I decided to use them for this week’s TarotScope. The messages are really powerful this week! I hope you think so too – I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

So here are this week’s cards:-


18-24 June.png

Aries: You have broken free and you can look forward to new beginnings. Dont spend too much time thinking about the past, leave all thoughts and emotions about the past – behind you!

Taurus: You have worked so hard and you’re wondering if its all been for nothing! Rewards are right there in front of you if only stop the self doubt.

Gemini: A wonderful time to celebrate Joy, Happiness and Success with those who matter in your life.  Dont hold back this week, you can enjoy the company of important people

Cancer: Be aware of your thoughts this week and ensure that you are not trying to do too much. Dont take on more than you can realistically deal with. Be honest with yourself regarding current circumstances.

Leo: Try not get too caught up in your worries this week. This will be very counterproductive and maybe even damaging. Quiet the mind and you’ll find the answers you need.

Virgo: Things will move rather quickly this week. Be ready to act fast as you dont have the luxury of patience this week. Be bold, be courageous and trust in your own knowledge and understanding to get you through difficult moments.

Libra: You have learnt and achieved much recently and even though you feel like you are ready to charge ahead, be a little more patient, your time is coming. Your patience will be rewarded

Scorpio: You have truly mastered your skill and you are so confident in all that you do. This is good! But dont take your eye off the prize. Keep perfecting all that you do – significant people are starting to notice

Sagittarius: You have a hunger for knowledge and this is a good time to go seeking more. Join a class, attend a workshop, ask questions and try something new. Open your heart and a teacher will appear

Capricorn: Change is inevitable. Dont resist it this week. Accept whatever comes at you and embrace it. A world of possibilities awaits you this week

Aquarius: Balance and stability are yours this week if you learn to let go a little. Watch your attitude and dont allow success to become arrogance this week.

Pisces: You are in control and others look at you with envy. You are open and loving to those in your life. Stand firm in your belief’s this week and dont let anyone take advantage of your kind heart and generosity.


I hope you got the message you need this week. Look out for the Daily Guidance video’s which will be uploaded onto Facebook & Instagram every morning.

With love & blessings,
From me to you,





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